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SP Group announces tariff reductions for April-June due to lower energy costs

SP Group reduces electricity and gas tariffs for April-June, ending three quarters of hikes. Electricity drops by 0.3%, saving HDB four-room flats S$0.33 monthly before GST. Gas tariff also decreases slightly. Over 950,000 HDB households to receive U-Save and S&CC rebates in April, part of measures to ease living costs.



In a welcome reprieve for residents, Singapore’s SP Group announced a slight decrease in household electricity and gas tariffs for the April to June quarter, attributing the reduction to lower energy costs.

This marks the end of three consecutive quarters of rising prices, offering slight financial relief to households across the nation.

The national grid operator, wholly owned by the Singapore investment fund Temasek, detailed that the electricity tariff will see a reduction of 0.3 percent, equivalent to 0.10 cent per kilowatt-hour (kWh) before the inclusion of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

For families residing in Housing & Development Board (HDB) four-room flats, this adjustment translates to an average monthly electricity bill decrease of S$0.33 (US$0.24) before GST.

Additionally, City Energy, which is also wholly owned by Temasek, reported a minor decrease in the gas tariff before GST by 0.03 cents per kWh, bringing it from 23.15 cents to 23.12 cents per kWh for the upcoming quarter.

The SP Group, responsible for operating Singapore’s electricity network, regularly reviews tariffs in accordance with guidelines from the Energy Market Authority (EMA), ensuring that changes reflect the current energy market dynamics.

In parallel, more than 950,000 HDB households are set to receive U-Save and Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC) rebates in April. These rebates, a component of the permanent GST Voucher scheme and the Assurance Package, are designed to mitigate GST impacts and support lower to middle-income families with their cost of living.

During his Budget 2024 address, Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong announced an enhancement to the Assurance Package by an additional S$1.9 billion.

This augmentation includes increased U-Save benefits, totaling up to S$950 for the 2024 financial year—sufficient to cover approximately eight months of utility bills for one- and two-room flat dwellers, and about four months for those in three- and four-room flats.

Moreover, residents will receive an extra half-month of S&CC rebate in January 2025, totaling up to four months of S&CC rebate for FY2024.

The distribution of U-Save rebates will be through direct credits into households’ utilities accounts with SP Services, while S&CC rebates will be credited to their respective town councils’ accounts.

In a broader economic context, a report from SingStat revealed that in 2022, Singapore’s utilities sector, encompassing water, sewerage, and electricity services, reported S$4.2 billion in profits from S$48.5 billion in Operating Revenue, after accounting for Operating Expenditure.

The sector, serving over 1.4 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers, is braced for further growth, propelled by an 18% increase in water prices set for implementation in 2024 and 2025.

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The Double Headed PAP Cobra rear it’s head
~ which one is real.
Which one is Magic.
Which one is Most Venomous.

HDB 4-room flat average saving $0.33 monthly. What an April’s Fool joke.

Increases is by few dollars so many times already

Make no mistake, … this unseemly un~pap moment has been factored into their scheming scheme !!!

Neither enjoy or celebrate the moment though, … for you’ll forever be paying it back, in more ways than you can possibly imagine !!!

>> Hot girls are waiting for you on —

MIW trying to show good faith to people after swallowing their money and GE coming .After rocket again.

Made obscene profits then come back to say reduce tariff.
That is why when you have a ownself check ownself system where cronies cover each other backside, you local fucking peasants are the ones who are going to suffer.

After raking in the profits. It’s time to “lower” the tariffs.

Expect another hike after the General Elections if the 70% choose to be struck by lightning again.

Gen Election is vry vry IMMINENT – don’t wager bets. Let SG Pools loose, voters don’t gamble against coming GE for sure

Big deal! So, this year the profit will be less by perhaps $20 mil? $30 mil? $50 mil?

What is that paltry sum compared to the profits all these years.

Just a reminder, the Eldershield insurance scheme collected $3.3 bil in premiums but paid out only $130 mil in claims.

Looks like SP Grp P & L mirrors the Eldershield insurance scheme.