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Prevalence of misogynistic attitudes in Singaporean society?

A recent Reddit post has sparked debates on the prevalence of misogyny in Singapore. Users expressed concerns about increasing misogynistic attitudes online, highlighting instances of gender divide and derogatory comments towards women.



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SINGAPORE: A recent post surfaced on the social media platform Reddit, sparking discussions about the prevalence of misogynistic attitudes in Singaporean society.

Shared on r/askSingapore on Monday (18 Mar), the post raised concerns about the increasing visibility of such thinking among Singaporeans.

The user behind the post, who admitted to being a long-time observer on Reddit Singapore and HardwareZone, expressed concern over the increasing number of misogynistic posts and comments.

They noted a troubling trend of gender divide becoming more apparent in online discussions.

The user highlighted instances where anger seemed directed towards women rather than the government.

Comments suggesting that life is easier for women in Singapore while men are marginalized, or that education and feminism have negatively impacted women, were cited as examples.

Particularly alarming were remarks about a woman’s value being tied to her age or appearance, as well as derogatory comments about single women in their 30s.

Additionally, comparisons between local and overseas women often descended into stereotypes and demeaning language.

The user also pointed out common grievances in dating threads, where women were accused of having unrealistic expectations or being labeled as gold diggers.

The user expressed frustration at the prevalence of such sentiments, especially considering that many of these comments were made by individuals who appeared to be well-educated and employed.

They questioned how individuals raised in Singapore’s integrated education system could harbor such beliefs and wondered about the extent of this thinking in real life interactions.

“It’s not like we live in a highly gender-segregated society in Singapore that they grew up without any female influence,” the user wrote.

The user acknowledged that their personal interactions with Singaporean men, including friends and colleagues, did not reflect the same level of misogyny observed online.

“But yet in real life, with my Singaporean friends and colleagues, I have not encountered such mentality among the guys I know.”

However, they couldn’t shake off the nagging suspicion that some men might conceal or suppress similar beliefs in real life.

“How prevalent is such thinking? And for men, is it really so disadvantageous to be a guy in Singapore?”

Reddit users engage in debate over misogyny in Singapore

A recent post on Reddit has ignited discussions among users, particularly concerning the prevalence of misogynistic attitudes.

One user who resonated with the post commented, “I totally notice this as well, especially here (Reddit).”

Expressing concern, the user pondered whether any of their male acquaintances held similar views, even if not expressed openly, leading to a sense of being unfairly blamed by some for societal issues.


Another user acknowledged that certain advantages exist for women living in Singapore, such as better security and access to education.

However, they emphasized that gender disadvantages are not anyone’s fault and must be acknowledged.

The user urged individuals to consider their attitudes before placing blame on the opposite gender or the government.

They concluded by noting the widespread presence of misogynistic content online, not only in Singapore but globally.comment

Another user expanded the discussion, noting that discriminatory remarks aren’t limited to gender but also extend to minorities.

They observed a trend where some Redditors exhibit disdain towards anyone who doesn’t conform to their race, gender, or ideological beliefs, suggesting a broader issue beyond misogyny.


One user responded to the discussion by suggesting not to pay attention to such men, implying they might be using misogyny as an excuse for their own dissatisfaction with life.

However, the same user acknowledged that just as men criticize women online, there are also women who criticize men, citing platforms like TikTok as examples.

In response to the initial post, the user stated that men in Singapore are not heavily disadvantaged to the point of requiring protest, but he believes there are advantages to being a woman, at least in his field.

He pointed out instances of exclusive events and preferential treatment for women in the tech industry, such as special bursaries and priority screening by HR departments.


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Some narcisists seeking self-aggrandizement to boost own ego, prefer to look up to weaker sex A group of leeches seeking relevance thru fake defence, surrounded by females and immi saying he is good but who didn’t do what Sgpn do. Is this good governance? The whole world know about this, so they will have no where to hide their misdeeds. Little to do with misogyny All to do with narcism, a personality disorder. Why would he block the ctzn to bring in huge numbers of unneeded immi who are mostly non-talent, rejects in other countries and need to be trained?… Read more »

Little to do with misogyny.
Plenty to do with

*Narcissists are conmen*

*They seek out friends and partners of the opposite sex who tend to be needy and look up to them (look up to weaker for ego support).* They tend to see themselves as assertive, rather than aggressive.

*They have a sense of entitlement that leads to remarkable selfishness.* As a result, their entitled selfishness *extends to usurping the rights of others as if it was their God-given prerogative.*

Online anonymity has provided the perfect platform for such proliferation.

SillyPoreans are otherwise, … naturally “kiasi” one !!!

Education and exposure should counter and offset such beastly behaviours and traits, but, … look at the polls, year after year, decade after decade !!!

So, … ignorance, upbringing and nurturing has a lot to do with this, I believe , .. and MCP’s and so called “feminists” exists for a reason right !!!

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I disagree. I have worked with both males and females, ultimately it is knowledge, competence and integrity that wins. Sometimes people are unable to perform and use the gender excuse.

Singapore is slanted towards Women in general. The proof is in the pudding. That is why there are more women than men in the country (Counting Citizens only obviously). Even this article is biased towards women. For example, picking a comment regarding the mythical “pay-gap” that doesn’t really exist. As I have to repeat again, if women could be paid less than men. Why are companies even hiring men? When there is a divorce, which parent does the courts side with usually? What schemes are available to support Single Fathers vs Single Mothers? Which type of cancer does society care… Read more »

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