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Singapore falls 4-1 to China in World Cup Qualifier 2nd leg

On Tuesday night, Singapore endured a 4-1 defeat to China in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers’ second leg at the Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium.



SINGAPORE: On Tuesday night (26 March), Singapore suffered a 4-1 defeat to China in the second leg of the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

With approximately 50,000 spectators in attendance, the match commenced at 8pm (Singapore time) at the Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium in China.

Both China and Singapore participate in Group C of the 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

China seized an early lead with a 21st-minute strike by Wu Lei, which was quickly equalized by Faris Ramli.

However, a second-half penalty by Fernandinho tilted the momentum in favour of the home side, with late goals from Wu Lei and Wei Shihao adding to their lead.

Singapore entered the match following a morale-boosting 2-2 comeback draw at the National Stadium in Singapore last Thursday, while their opponents faced widespread criticism after the outcome.

Captain Zhang Linpeng’s threat to retire from international football due to the “humiliating” result was followed by a reversal of his decision.

Singapore faced China without suspended centre-backs Safuwan Baharudin and Lionel Tan, who received suspensions after the first leg match on 21 March.

Additionally, midfielder Anumanthan Kumar was sidelined due to injury.

Head coach Tsutomu Ogura made several adjustments to his starting lineup, including placing key striker Ikhsan Fandi on the bench and Shawal Anuar in the forward position.

The first half concluded with the score tied at 1-1.

The second half proved to be challenging for the Lions as events took a downturn.

In the 63rd minute, China was granted a penalty by the referee, who adjudged Jacob Mahler to have committed a foul.

Despite the Lions’ protests against the referee’s decision, Mahler was cautioned with a yellow card, and Fernandinho (or Fei Nanduo) successfully deceived Lions’ keeper Hassan Sunny to give China the lead in the 65th minute.

The match took a further twist in the 79th minute when China’s Li Yuanyi received a red card for a harsh tackle on Singapore’s Joel Chew from behind.

Chew, who had just entered the pitch minutes earlier, suffered the impact severely and required assistance to leave the field. He was later spotted on the sidelines with a leg bandage.

With Singapore having exhausted all its substitutions, both teams were reduced to ten players.

The Lions’ situation worsened as captain Wu Lei doubled his goal count with a strike in the 85th minute.

Shortly after, Wei Shihao secured the victory for China, extending their lead.

The match concluded with China emerging victorious with a 4-1 scoreline.

According to the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), the last time Singapore defeated China in a competitive match was during the 1983 Merlion Cup, with the Lions triumphing 1-0 in the semi-final.

Following this defeat, Singapore remained at the bottom of the table with one point.

South Korea and Thailand, the other two teams in Group C, also faced each other on the same night.

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To be fair the game was tight at 1:1 if not the dubious penalty given by a soft tug at later part of the game caused us to attack with gaps behind to chase back the game. If you watched and analyse the game you can see Singapore is a much improved team with the new coach and the players have given all their efforts out. Do spare some thoughts for the team as this is just a few games for the new lions. There are a lot of what…if like if we were given the similar penalty for the… Read more »

As predicted “Sinkeepore fall flat on their faces,”one swallow don’t make summer” now all players including coach & the miniter of “sports” fall in line & get their BALLs roasted. Sinkeepore football should only be confine to table foot ball & pocket billiards!

11-men team lost to 10-men team with 2 goals. 十一人队输两粒球给十人队。
KELONG! 踢假球!
KELONG! 踢假球!
KELONG! 踢假球!

My brother asked if I would watch the match. I told him not to waste his time. The performance in the first leg was probably a one-off.

I predicted a 0 – 3 loss.

I must confess I have totally given up on Singapore football and did not watch the 2 matches against China.

This time at least the Chinese captain can hold his head up with the revenge win and not resign again.

10-men China team can even win a 11-men Singapore team…lol….not 1 but 2 more goals.
Upfront cannot attack. Rear also cannot defend. Gave away the ball cheaply to the opponent. Slow reaction.
Ogura better leave quickly, if not his reputation will be tarnished.

Ask Lao Goh (a.k.a. Woody) if Singapore football have reached international standard as he promised us some 26 years ago? At that time, SG was doing very well in Asean leagues and strong. What happen now?

New coach and playing away from home will need adjustments and time. China ranked way above us so a few more games and losses will happen before the team can deliver.

Waiting for LHL or ET to comment on this match since they are quick to congratulate Singapore who draw 2-2 in the first leg.

SG under the Million$ monkey meritocracy: Ownself Says WC 2010, 2020, 2034, 3034. No Blaming Culture works very well, hor.

Especially where football is concerned, … all miracles, freak results or contentious refereeing, must eventually and inevitably, … come to an end !!!