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Dignity Kitchen launches fundraising campaign to support senior meal program

Dignity Kitchen, a social enterprise under Project Dignity in Boon Keng, faces a setback after suspected arson damages its premises. Now, they’re seeking donations to rebuild and sustain their vital ‘Pay-It-Forward’ senior meal program.



dignity kitchen senior meal

SINGAPORE: Following a recent fire incident that ravaged its premises, Dignity Kitchen is embarking on a fundraising campaign to ensure the continuation of its vital mission: providing free meals to seniors in need.

Last month, Dignity Kitchen, a restaurant operating under Project Dignity, located in Boon Keng, encountered a setback when its premises were damaged in what was suspected to be an act of mischief.

The fire that occurred on 13 February inflicted severe damage to the facility, prompting the launch of a campaign to raise funds for restoration works.

With a goal of S$200,000 (approximately US$150,000) the social enterprise food court is determined to refurbish its premises and continue its mission.

Despite the setback, Dignity Kitchen remains committed to its core values.

Dignity Kitchen appeals for support to sustain senior meal program

Alongside efforts to rebuild, the restaurant is appealing for donations to support its ‘Pay-It-Forward’ program, which provides free meals to seniors on weekdays.

Recognizing the challenges faced by the elderly, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Dignity Kitchen aims to ensure that no one in the community goes hungry or feels isolated.

The ‘Pay-It-Forward’ initiative, launched by Project Dignity, the social enterprise behind Dignity Kitchen, has been instrumental in providing essential support to seniors.

By distributing meals every Monday to Friday at 4pm, the program not only addresses food insecurity but also encourages seniors to remain active and socially engaged.

Long queues would frequently be seen outside its premises on Boon Keng Road as people waited to collect their food.

“Rain or shine, the warm food will be distributed daily. Our staff and team of volunteers will be on the ground during distribution to ensure safe distancing measures are in check.”

dignity kitchen senior meal program

Despite the recent closure due to the fire incident, Project Dignity is determined to keep the program running, but it requires the public’s assistance to do so.

Since its inception, the ‘Pay-It-Forward’ program has grown significantly, thanks to the generosity of sponsors and volunteers.

“We started with 50 packets of meals and have grown to almost 100 packets,” said Project Dignity.

However, with funds running low and the need for restoration following the fire, Project Dignity is appealing for urgent support.

The ongoing Give.Asia campaign, aimed at raising S$30,000 (US$22,300), has garnered significant traction, but additional contributions are crucial to sustain the program’s operations.

At the time of writing (27 Mar), the Give.Asia campaign has managed to raise about S$24,700 (US$18,300) out of its S$30,000 goal.

With a commitment to continue cooking and distributing healthy meals for as long as possible, Project Dignity is calling on the community to rally behind its cause.

To contribute to the ‘Pay-It-Forward’ initiative and support Dignity Kitchen’s restoration efforts, individuals can visit its Give.Asia fundraising page and make a donation.

“Your generosity of any amount will go towards this worthy cause. SUPPORT SOCIAL ENTERPRISE!” the Project Dignity stated.

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This what a social enterprise is really all about; giving job opportunities to the disabled and providing free meals to seniors on weekdays. Compare this with the so-called social enterprises managing various hawker centres. Stalls at these social enterprise hawker centres are supposedly enjoying lower rents. But if this is so, it is not reflected in the prices charged. These so-called social enterprise hawker centres actually is a convenient answer to the NEA “handing” over hawker centre management to the social enterprises. Perhaps NEA can explain the following: 1) is there some sort of bidding by the various social enterprises… Read more »

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