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Breaking the routine: Singaporeans explore ways to spice up adult life

A Reddit user seeks advice on spicing up adult life, sparking lively discussions among Singaporean Redditors. From self-improvement projects to finding meaning, users offer diverse perspectives on navigating adulthood.



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SINGAPORE: Life can sometimes feel monotonous once adulthood is reached, as experienced by a Reddit user who sought advice on r/askSingapore.

On Friday (22 Mar), the user raised the question of how to inject excitement into their adult life, expressing boredom with the routine.

The user, who recently entered the workforce, described feeling the swift onset of mundanity.

They speculated that this shift could be attributed to the contrasting lifestyle between school and work, often finding themselves lacking stimulation post-office hours.

In their post, the user detailed their typical routine: juggling assignments or projects during the day and utilizing scant free time for activities like watching Netflix, exercising, or socializing.

“It’s gotten to the point where I’m rekindling some old hobbies but even then life just seems overall rather boring,” the user write.

The repetitive cycle of work, leisure, and sleep had begun to take a toll, likening their state to that of a zombie.

Seeking camaraderie or advice, the user inquired if others could relate to their experience and if anyone had discovered effective methods for infusing vitality into adult life.

Singaporean redditors offer advice for beating adulting boredom

In the comment section of the post, Singaporean Redditors engaged in lively discussion, sharing their experiences regarding the user’s matter.

One user remarked that finding what makes life worth living is essential.

They suggested that while hobbies or travel can provide temporary pleasure, true fulfillment often comes from looking outward and contributing to something bigger.

Whether it’s helping others, nurturing relationships, or engaging with the unpredictability of people, these actions can add depth and meaning to life.

The user shared their own experience of finding fulfillment through their work, family, and the joy brought by their child.


Another user advised the user to embark on personal projects for self-improvement.

They encouraged introspection to identify areas for growth and suggested investing time in building social connections.

By discovering what brings fulfillment outside of work, whether through hobbies, volunteering, or seeking the meaning of life, individuals can create a more meaningful existence.


Yet another user highlighted the difference between school and work environments, noting the aspirational nature of education contrasted with the realities of employment.

They suggested options for navigating this transition, such as continuously striving for progress or learning to find contentment in supportive relationships and simple pleasures.

“No right or wrong answers, and they are not mutually exclusive. You just need to find where in that spectrum that works for you,” the user stated.


In conclusion, one user reassured that things will improve over time.

They emphasized the newfound opportunities and experiences that come with adulthood, including disposable income that opens doors to various possibilities.

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Advise::: Do something stupid & Go to Prison for under 6 months.
Whole New World.
Go to A Monastery for the same 6 months.
Come back with a different perspective about Life.
Just Backpack—Go Away.
Good that this person is trying to find some meaning.

You guys want meaning in life?
First, you must be free!

You wanna be free?
Work towards it!

What can you expect? Singaporean children are taught that in life, there is only studying and selectively curated “Extra-Curricular activities.”

Once you become a working adult, you won’t have time for your usual “Extra-Curricular activities” with a 9-5 job. So you’ll need to find something else to do.

But what is there to do on a small urbanised island? With everything commercialised, even relaxing on its own requires money.

Perhaps they should come here and read about the true nature of Singapore’s ruling party. But that would be mentally uncomfortable for them.