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Not able to buy HDB, 27-year-old Singaporean buys S$200K apartment in JB

A 27-year-old single Singaporean woman, not eligible to buy an HDB flat, invested in a JB apartment for S$200,000. The news sparked discussion on Reddit, with some attributing the trend to Singapore’s strong currency and high living costs.



A Singaporean woman recently featured in an 8world News report shared her journey of purchasing a house in Johor Bahru (JB).

As a 27-year-old single woman, business owner Kylie did not meet the requirements to apply for an HDB flat in Singapore.

As of now, singles in Singapore are required to be 35 years old or above to purchase a new flat from HDB or acquire one from the resale market.

Despite the setback, Kylie was determined to secure a place of her own.

She opted to invest in a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom apartment in JB for S$200,000, a significantly more affordable option.

According to 8world News, Kylie embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18, establishing her own online marketing company.

Now at 27, she has further expanded her ventures by launching a new online store, UPawsion, specializing in pet supplies.

Despite her burgeoning career, Kylie lacked the financial stability to invest in private property in Singapore.

Desiring independence and a space of her own away from her parents, she took a leap of faith and purchased a home in JB.

After thorough research, Kylie settled on an apartment in Country Garden Danga Bay, JB, completing the purchase last year with a down payment of approximately S$50,000.

She now manages monthly payments and apartment fees totaling over S$1,000.

Recognizing the risk associated with investing in JB’s real estate market, Kylie took proactive measures to familiarize herself with the neighborhood. She stayed with friends who were renting in JB before making her decision.

“I also have friends who rent a house here, so before buying a house I stayed with them for a few days,” she told 8world in Mandarin.

Kylie revealed to 8world that her JB home is conveniently close to her parent’s residence in Singapore, where she stays during visits.

Despite the commute of 40 minutes to an hour, Kylie doesn’t view it as a hassle.

Living independently in JB symbolizes a significant milestone for Kylie, allowing her to make decisions autonomously, a departure from her previous reliance on parental guidance.

Having resided in JB for approximately five months, Kylie expressed contentment, citing the presence of supportive friends and a thriving social life, crucial for both personal and professional fulfilment.

Trend of Singaporeans investing in JB property

The news ignited a Reddit discussion, with some attributing the trend of property purchases in Malaysia to the robust Singaporean currency against the Malaysian ringgit and the high cost of living in Singapore.

One comment noted that his Malaysian colleagues own terrace homes and cars in Malaysia while concurrently sharing rented rooms in Singapore.

A comment extended best wishes to Kylie for finding a living arrangement that meets her requirements.

However, it suggests that Kylie’s experience might be ‘atypical’, cautioning that not everyone can afford such a luxury, particularly regular salaried employees who may encounter heavy traffic congestion during peak commuting hours, such as the notorious 6-7 am customs jam.

Exploring dual-country living

A Redditor suggested buying a landed home in JB, which could also allow him to afford a car for a lifetime. Alternatively, he could commute to Singapore daily, similar to many Malaysians.

He acknowledged crime and perceived shortcomings in law enforcement and governance concerns but believed that many people could enjoy the benefits of both countries by adopting this lifestyle.

Some Reddit comments discussed potential risks and complications associated with purchasing property in JB for individuals who are not citizens or permanent residents of Malaysia.

These comments underscore the significance of visa-related challenges, outlining scenarios where Malaysian immigration authorities might refuse entry to individuals without citizenship or permanent residency status.

Some comments revolve around the types of visas available for individuals working remotely while residing in Malaysia, particularly in JB.

One comment notes that conventional visitor visas don’t permit work activities. The viable options are the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program, the DeRantau (nomad visas), or obtaining permanent residency (PR) status.

Another comment mentions the challenges they faced while working remotely in Malaysia, including scrutiny from immigration officers regarding their prolonged stay and frequent travel between Malaysia and Singapore.

According to PropertyGuru, Singaporeans interested in purchasing property in Malaysia could explore the MM2H visa program for potentially more affordable options.

The MM2H visa offers a 10-year renewal period, although specific requirements such as financial qualifications, age criteria, medical reports, insurance obligations, minimum property prices, and property tax rates may vary depending on the state.

Without an MM2H visa, individuals may encounter higher property prices and the necessity to repeatedly reapply for visas.

Additionally, acquiring permission from the relevant state authorities in Malaysia is essential for property acquisition.

56,066 active MM2H pass holders in Malaysia, with China leading the ranks

According to Malaysian media reports, Tourism, Arts, and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing stated in parliament on 12 March that an increase in foreign nationals participating in the MM2H program is anticipated as the government is considering relaxing certain requirements.

This decision aligns with the Malaysia’s Budget 2024 announcement made last year by Putrajaya, aiming to enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of the program.

As of 31 January this year, Tiong disclosed that there are currently 56,066 active MM2H pass holders, including principals (27,759) and dependents (28,307).

Among these, China leads the list with a total of 24,765 holders, followed by South Korea (4,940), Japan (4,733), Bangladesh (3,604), the United Kingdom (2,234), Taiwan (1,611), the United States (1,340), Singapore (1,282), India (1,223), and Australia (1,069).

Singapore’s MND Minister rejected PSP’s call to lower HDB age limit, warned of potential price surge

During the Committee of Supply Debate for the Ministry of National Development on 5 March, Hazel Poa, Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) from the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), made a recommendation to lower the age limit for singles to buy HDB flats to 28, allowing them to purchase new three-room flats.

This change aims to enable singles to own a flat before finding a partner, facilitating quicker family formation when they do find the right partner.

“Low TFR has troubled us for very long. The political will to implement major changes is needed if we really want to turn it around, ” she added.

In response, National Development Minister Desmond Lee explained that the government is already taking steps to allow singles to purchase two-room Flexi BTO flats islandwide, with plans to implement this in the second half of the year.

He emphasised the need to carefully balance the housing needs of various segments, including married couples, families, seniors, and singles, to ensure the stability and sustainability of the housing system

He cautions that implementing proposals without corresponding increases in flat supply could lead to spikes in application rates and resale prices, making it harder for people, including singles, to obtain flats.

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Please la, as Singaporeans we should all learn to reduce our intelligence to believe and agree when the govt says HDB is a successful project and is affordable to all Singaporeans. If people still can point out to govt that their policy failed in a way, means past education ministers failed to make all Singaporeans believe only in everything white uniform ministers say. Singaporeans don’t need to be intelligent or talented, they only need to believe in everything white uniform ministers say. Go asks the 61% they’ll say anyone or any website that says white uniform policy did not really… Read more »

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these are Singaporean with families house in msia. they got the best of both world. my msian friend just sold their hdb for huge profit and dump pr to back msia as millionaire. wish we can do the same.

I believed that the lady is not the only local citizen facing difficulty in buying HDb flat but there could b plenty of local citizen in the same predicament n there is a possibility that in near future, more local citizen could b moving up north

I think smart move. SG too expensive, move and live elsewhere. Your money your life.
Just be aware of the daily commute to and fro as the traffic jam can be depressing. If allowed, buy MY car too.

Wahhh, so many bad comments, I got twelve units there. I think they are good buys

can always come my house in geylang for a gang bang.

HDB is originally meant for family nucleus, and people complain why single cannot buy. Government relaxed the rule and allowed single to buy at a certain matured age after one may have a reason not to have nucleus family. Now people are not satisfied, wanting the age to lower. Isn’t that against the policy of encouraging people to tie the knot to have a family and have children? Oppies, can you please think before propose any changes, it sounds really silly if your proposal doesn’t make sense. Also, this lady who has a bit of money don’t want to settle… Read more »

Her buying a condo in JB and not caring if she will lose money is really a message directed at our G; particularly to Desmond Lee.

Good comments from Jessy on the high cost of living and exorbitant property taxes for 2024. This month many property experts claimed that private housing is facing great challenges in rental, yet our government raise property taxes to a new all time high.

It is unfair for them to determine the annual value and tax rate to their own likings with minimum understanding with what’s happening in real life.

I think she is trying to insult pap for stupid policies. She must be thinking pap don’t allow her to buy in Singapore, never mind she buy in Malaysia lor. Soon, the mrt is going to JB, transport won’t be an issue. And Malaysia side also won’t stop her from buying as China people cannot buy now due to restrictions by their government so many surplus of housing. Anyway, cost of living in Singapore is really crazy, I think the property taxes, COE .. . is enough to buy many months of food elsewhere. So won’t be surprise if many… Read more »

There will be individuals capitalising on the oversupply of housing in Johor Bahru / Iskandar Development zone to rent or purchase apartments. For those who work remotely or online and are still healthy. It is a no-brainer since everything is more affordable across the causeway. Obviously Singapore’s ruling government will not like this predicament but they cannot do anything. I hope the woman in this article applies for the necessary visas so as to not get in trouble with Malaysian immigration. Also it seems that the comment section is full of Stockholm syndrome sufferers. Envy that someone has the means… Read more »

So so annoying, … having to scroll past the damn “replies” too.

Vermin and fake “jessie” has now progressed to replying, … quoting , yes, again, … their deep deep connection with vaginas and penises again. Adding the odd random “mother” to their thoughts, … who must be cursing at being dragged into these ignoramuses’ foul and foggy world !!!

Anyways, … we must contend ourselves with the “imperfections and imbeciles” of our world and pray that it’s neither contagious or hereditary within their circles !!!

Enjoy your weekend folks.

Ta ra.

I am not surprised at all the oppies think that this is a good buy based on their intellect.

How come so many negative comments here? I remember during one of the elections PAP actually encourages Singaporeans to retire in JB if they cannot afford to live in Singapore. She is just doing this early.

Amazed and dumbfounded that there’s act~tually negative comments here, … against one who has bought a FREEHOLD apartment in JB, … for the price of 2 pieces of paper that reads, CatB COE !!! The crass languaged comments that accompanies just about every article here, … is rather benign and boring !!! An absolute pain, having to scroll past, … yet another ignoramus citing the human reproductive organ, … as if their lives and minds begins with vaginas and penises and ends with more vaginas and penises !!! And as for all of the copycat “jessies”, … no one’s fooled,… Read more »

Oh yah, forgotten to mention. This gal must be oppies, or parents oppies supporters. Never be smart or taught to be smart. Simply dump money away.

many green eyed monsters emerging from their caves just to spew vitrol at a lady who worked hard to save 200k and bot her own home…
Why the jealousy
If u cannot just work harder then….i just dont get it, all the hate!

Last edited 3 months ago by Green-eyed monsters

Money is yours what you do nobody cares. But….but if you are stuck or need to liquidate at a loss don’t come back to blame this blame that like government don’t allow you buy hdb and force you into this situation, or even worse blame government for not enacting law to stop you from buying. Be responsible for your own actions, as there are many precedent for you to see for investing in Malaysia property.

Why so many @jessie clones ?
We the regulars here know tge real jessie wont pen vulgar posts..

Actually this woman damn stupid.
Not that she not pretty.
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Good move ,

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Wait for the mrt lines .

HK too buying property in ShengZhen .

If the passport clearance is removed. Singaporeans will buy more housing in Malaysia and help lift the drowning Malaysian economy. We won’t have to clear more forests to build HDB in Singapore. This will be a win for both sides.

$1000 salary can buy HDB . How can it be you cannot afford? Ask the mini stars . tsk tsk tsk

Hey what happen to my post. Conveniently vaporise … Tsk tsk tsk …

Got RM$1Million rule. How she beat it???

Sad. So many Singaporeans who are living in Singapore cannot buy flat property or cannot afford property in Singapore. Singaporeans are force to squeeze in small flats with parents while those who rule Singapore living in bungalow so big and comfortable. Very big inequality gap.

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