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Generous woman initiates food donation drive to support those in need during Ramadan

In Singapore, a compassionate woman launches a food donation drive at her doorstep, providing essentials for the less fortunate.



SINGAPORE: A heartwarming act of kindness unfolded in Singapore as a woman took it upon herself to set up a food donation station outside her home to support the less fortunate during the holy month of Ramadan.

In a video posted on her TikTok page on 17 March, the woman expressed her gratitude for the support she received from those around her, making the donation drive possible.

She also shared that this was something she had always wanted to do.

The video revealed a well-stocked shelf displaying an array of dry food items in neatly packed packages, along with food stored in plastic bottles and cans.

Urging those in need to take what they require, she warmly welcomed people to come and collect the food rations.

She expressed hope that her small gesture could make a difference and encourage others to share the information about the donation drive.

The one-minute video was captioned: “I do not expect so much support from my family and friends that would come all the way from Jurong or Boon Lay just to share with everyone whatever we could to give a little help.”

In the footage, she could be seen replenishing the supplies on the shelf and also providing plastic bags for convenience to those taking food items.


with help by my circles , Allahamdulilah niat yg dah lama sesgt Allah Bantu dengan pahala bersama org sekeliling .. I open the rack we stock it up together to share with everyone who might need it more den we do.. please make your way here have something to put on your table make your Ramadan a lil more smile to the want you need to feed.. inshallah.. may this small act could help a lil for others.. #pahalabersama #ramadan2024

♬ Ramadan Barkah – DAsounds

The initiative was further shared on the ‘Friends of Yew Tee’ Facebook group to reach a wider audience of caring Singaporeans.

The post encouraged others who wished to contribute to simply leave their donations on the shelf.

For anyone seeking more information about the food donation location or how to contribute, the post urged them to reach out via the provided Facebook link.

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Hamas still fighting during Ramadan? got? tsk tsk tsk

Kudos to her but this looks bad on the PAP govt. as the reason for the unaffordability is due to govt.’s refusal to commit to a living wage.

Good that she is doing something nice.
God Bless Her.

Why does she need to do this?
Does Changi resort not offer free food and lodging?

Tried before, free lunch pkgs but some people are just greedy, they taken more than needed.