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Singapore tops as ‘happiest country in Asia’ in 2024 World Happiness Report

In the 2024 World Happiness Report, Singapore leads in Asia and secures the 30th spot globally. Rankings reflect assessments of quality of life and experts analyze factors like GDP, life expectancy, social support, freedom, generosity, and corruption perceptions.



SINGAPORE: Singapore ranked as the happiest country in Asia for the second consecutive year, as revealed by the 2024 World Happiness Report released on Wednesday (20 March).

The other countries listed in descending order, are Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Mongolia.

Among the 143 places surveyed for the study, Singapore claimed the 30th spot.

Finland leads the rankings this year, closely followed by Denmark and Iceland.


The World Happiness Report is a collaborative effort involving prominent researchers and wellbeing scientists globally.

The happiness rankings are based on data from the Gallup World Poll, which collects assessments of quality of life over three years (2021-2023) from various populations.

The rankings are derived from responses to the primary life evaluation question posed in the poll, known as the ‘Cantril Ladder’. Respondents are prompted to envision a ladder, where a rating of 10 represents the best possible life for them, and a rating of 0 signifies the worst possible life.

They are then asked to assess their current lives on this scale ranging from 0 to 10.

According to a statement by the World Happiness Report, interdisciplinary experts from fields such as economics, psychology, and sociology analyze factors such as GDP, life expectancy, social support, freedom, generosity, and perceptions of corruption to explain variations across countries and over time.

“These factors help to explain the differences across nations, while the rankings themselves are based only on the answers people give when asked to rate their own lives, ” said the statement.

As reported by CNBC, Shun Wang, co-author and editor of the 2024 World Happiness Report, highlighted Singapore’s exceptional performance in GDP per capita, ranking among the highest in their dataset.

He also emphasized Singapore’s remarkable record in terms of perceived corruption, which is the lowest among all countries surveyed, surpassing even Denmark and Norway.

“That means Singapore’s government is really clean and their people really have a very low perception of corruption … even lower, you know, than Denmark or Norway,” Wang added.

Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Director of the Wellbeing Research Centre at Oxford University and editor of the report praised Singapore’s achievement in promoting healthy life expectancy.

However, despite these strengths, Singapore ranks lower in perceived social support, freedom to make life choices and generosity.

“Singapore is punching below its weight,” said De Neve. “Given all the objective indicators about Singapore, you’d expect Singapore to be in the top 20 of the World Happiness Report.”

“I would love to challenge the Singaporean government and the people of Singapore to find ways to leverage the extraordinary city-state that they’ve created into ways of improving quality of life as people experience it,” De Neve said.

Declining happiness trends across age groups in Southeast Asia

The report also observed a declining trend in happiness across age groups in Southeast Asian countries, with Singapore contributing significantly to this pattern.

Additionally, it noted a gender difference favouring young females in these countries, with Singapore having the largest impact on this trend.

Contrary to this trend, countries like Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Spain are witnessing increased happiness among the older population compared to the younger generation, while Portugal and Greece exhibit the opposite pattern.

For the first time, the report provides separate rankings by age group, revealing significant variations from the overall rankings.

Notably, Lithuania ranks highest for children and young people under 30, while Denmark emerges as the world’s happiest nation for those aged 60 and older.

Furthermore, the United States of America has dropped out of the top 20 for the first time since the inception of the World Happiness Report in 2012, primarily due to a substantial decline in the well-being of Americans under 30.

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The survey only target civil servants whose names are provided by a public office? 🤣

Be careful of those segregating you by wealth, preventing your access to favour themselves.
Obviously it only apply to a small segment leeching on the rest made possible by rules.

Sg jobs, retirement problems are created by PAP due to stealing savings, welfare, pension$.

Sure or not??? People struggling to make ends meet & working to the grave cabe happy aah???? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

Free Riders are usually happy ppl. So Kayu Boy can claim he made Singaporeans happy.

An early April Fool’s joke🤣

Maybe part of why Singaporeans have a relatively HIGH happiness rating is that votes for the pappies had been DECLINING over the last 3-4 elections, and 2 GRCs able to break clean from the pap Ownself-Praise-Ownself delusion.

(Note: obviously, despite the talk about AI and computer this and that, our surveyors dun use Data Analytics to correlate social trends to their survey findings. Or may they do, but told cannot inform the public as it is “State Secret”? Remember, everything and anything can be Kelong nowadays.)

Maybe the polling panel saw many people here in Singapore were always smiling and laughing in public, at homes, in schools and in workplaces. Hence, they thought Singaporeans are very happy.
Those are actually crazy smiles and laughters from mad people….lol.
If not, why our SGov now all emphasizing on mental health matters???

“Siao” (in hokkien), 笑,傻傻分不清楚。

Don’t have to do any survey, real or make to look good. Just open your eyes you can see scum faces, unhappiness faces left, right, front and back.

I go overseas I see people who may be much poorer but they really live a truly happy life

Can check this Shun Wang is he residing or have business or connection in Singapore?

SG is one of the most stressful place to live in. That’s why we see so many people here wanted to spend money to go overseas to recharge or to escape from the stress very so often

They are just using metrics which make themselves look good. If Singaporeans are happy, then why is our TFR the SECOND LOWEST in the world? Happy ppl would be happy to have children in ALL cultures, right? Just look at the top countries in the list – Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Israel, etc… All are progressive countries, all are “affluent” lifestyles, all faced declining birthrate but able to maintain around 1.5-1.8(!!!), but our Kayu Boy after near 20 years can only show money growth and social decline. But by the metrics of this survey, Kayu Boy is supposedly very happy… Read more »

This one because party too much la.
Want to go here, go there.
See this person that person.

Actually this is True.
SG far better than most of ASIA.
Needs a lot more flexibility for SG workers.
In terms of flexible hours.

All the survey respondents must have been all millionaires and billionaires pap ministers. Makes perfect sense, but should we have beaten Finland instead? Finland don’t pay their ministers to be millionaires and billionaires unlike pap does.


Finish top. Look at their population composition. 5,587,442 (July 2021 est.) Finnish (official) 86.9%, Swedish (official) 5.2%, Russian 1.5%, other 6.4% (2020 est.) The World Factbook, the indispensable source for basic information. Almost 90% their own kind of people. They don’t have the stresses and are not divided by mix of clueless and care-less people primarily here for the money and can abandon nation anytime. A truly united people counts for happiness(much less stresses and able to communicate,empathise and connect better). With a divided society, the people becomes cold towards one and other and generally indifferent especially politically(leaving the incumbent to set… Read more »

Why is this report the total opposite of a similar one previously published?

Hahaha, how much was paid for the survey from taxpayers’ monies and PS is taken to Court for lying!

Happiest country in Asia. It’s not a high bar to reach.

The only competition, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have real issues that the free media actively talk about and discuss.

Also where was the survey done? It was done only in the CBD area. Well that explains the results.

Last edited 1 month ago by Blankslate

Singaporeans happiest in Asia?

Funny; I don’t feel happy.

I take umbrage (ala Ng Yat Chung) to the survey which bypassed me.

This survey was definitely done by the MIW themselves or their cronies.

This report producer certainly deserves a POFMA Oscar.

Highest paid PM/ministers but only achieved 30th happiest spot for Singaporeans. Another clear indication we are paying high to achieve low/mediocre results – the Monkey-style of meritocracy indeed. (Like highest paid MOM minister created 88.5K jobs in 2023, but only 5.5% went to locals, hor).

Happiest in Asia leh, so what the fuck are you losers complaining about?
Again say survey is fake lah…this lah…that lah… then again when you losers come out with your own kind of survey, you say your result is the truth and if there are any data or numbers, they are accurate!
No wonder these losers never win that event ,that come every 5 yrs or so!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

What crock! Maybe the foreigners working here are the happiest.

The World’sost Priciest Country also attain as the Happiest Champion. God forbids – Armaggedon soon, very very soon.

How can it be?
Happiest for 9% GST increase? Happiest for high food cost ? Happiest for high cost of living? tsk tsk tsk

Yes, Cotton and pineapple lovers are happiest to receive handouts, chicken wings? LOL

Sure or not!

How come uncle feels so unhappy and frustrated with the ever rising costs of living and overwhelmed with foreign trash everywhere

Okay, … let’s take a closer look at this then.

SillyPore is the most overworked country in the Asia Pacific Region and it also has the longest working hours ~ 8Jun2022

SillyPoreans have been cited as being amongst the most sleep deprived globally ~ Mar2022

Survey data shows stress levels in SillyPore remain significantly higher compared to the global average ~ 7Mar2023

So, with a pot filled with the above three ingredients, the dish they’ve managed to serve up is, … happiness !!! !!!