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Emart24 convenience stores shut down all outlets in Singapore

Emart24, the South Korean convenience store chain, has recently closed all three of its outlets in Singapore, surprising customers and marking an abrupt end to its presence in the city-state.



emart24 singapore
emart24 Jurong Point outlet (Photo: emart24sg/Instagram)

SINGAPORE: South Korean convenience store chain Emart24, which entered the Singaporean market with much anticipation in 2022, has reportedly closed all three of its outlets in the city-state.

The news of the closure surfaced initially through a Facebook post on the page ‘Singapore Atrium Sale’ on Monday (18 March), shedding light on the shutdown of the Emart24 store situated at Nex shopping mall.

Accompanying the post was a photo depicting the storefront, now locked and boarded up, signalling the end of the convenience store’s presence in the mall.

Further check revealed that Emart24’s outlets at Margaret Market and Jurong Point shopping mall had also ceased operations.

Online searches confirmed this, as both locations were listed as “permanently closed” on Google.

emart24 margaret market emart24 jurong point

This development marks the end of Emart24’s brief stint in Singapore since its grand opening at Jurong Point and Nex in December 2022.

Emart24’s arrival in Singapore was met with enthusiasm, with shoppers eagerly flocking to experience its offerings, including popular Korean street food items like Tteokbokki, corn dogs, and Korean fried chicken.

However, despite the initial excitement, the chain’s presence in Singapore proved short-lived.

Owned by South Korea’s retail giant Shinsegae, Emart24 boasts over 6,500 outlets in its home country.

Beyond South Korea, the chain expanded to Malaysia in 2020, where it currently operates 52 outlets.

The sudden closure of Emart24 surprised netizens

One netizen, commenting on the Singapore Atrium Sale Facebook post, expressed shock at the news, highlighting the apparent success of the store.

Another netizen remembered passing by the outlet just days before its closure on 15 March, underscoring the suddenness of the event.

Under The Straits Times Facebook post, netizens provided insights into the challenges faced by Korean grocery stores in Singapore.

One comment noted that such stores struggle due to the already high prices of their products, compounded by factors like landlord rents and other expenses.


Another netizen contributed to the discussion by highlighting that it’s not just the rental costs that pose a challenge but also the fleeting “hype” surrounding the store’s opening.

They noted that while there might be a surge in foot traffic during the initial launch, interest tends to wane over time, resulting in fewer customers thereafter.


Additionally, another netizen pointed out the formidable competition posed by local convenience stores like Cheers and 7-Eleven, which have a distinct advantage on their home turf.


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That last post highlights the ignorance of typical Singaporeans. When did the 7-11 brand originate in Singapore?

E-mart24 should have followed FamilyMart in opening stores in Malaysia. FamilyMart is doing relatively well across the border.

So well that “MyNews,” Malaysia’s domestic convenience store chain partnered up with “CU” from South Korea to expand their offerings and opening CU convenience stores.

The twist here is the “CU” in South Korea used to be FamilyMart.

Isn’t the world of business just fascinating.

Only State own will survive … No?!?