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Survey: nearly half in Singapore fear being misled by their government leaders

Edelman’s annual survey reveals in Singapore, 46% respondents fear being misled by their government leaders, with over half believe that journalists deliberately attempt to mislead them.



In Singapore, nearly half (46 %) of the population expresses worry about being misled by their government leaders, while over half believe that journalists deliberately attempt to mislead them.

These findings stem from an annual survey conducted by the global public relations firm Edelman. The survey highlights a notable rise in distrust towards government leaders, with a 4% increase from the previous year’s figures.

Similarly, scepticism towards journalists and reporters has surged by 7% compared to the 2023 report.

Furthermore, the survey reveals that more than half (55 %) of respondents feel that business leaders engage in intentional deception, marking a 5% increase from the previous year’s data.

On Tuesday (12 March), Edelman released the 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer.

Conducted in November of the previous year, the firm surveyed over 32,000 respondents across 28 countries, amounting to approximately 1,150 respondents per country, including Singapore, for its 24th annual global survey on trust and credibility.

According to the report, China emerged as the global leader in trust with a score of 79 on the trust index, while Singapore scored 67, trailing behind countries such as Indonesia (73), Saudi Arabia (72), Thailand (70), and Malaysia (68).

The Trust Index represents the average percentage of trust in non-governmental organizations (NGOs), businesses, government entities, and media within each country.

93% of employed Singaporean respondents fear job loss

Nevertheless, the report highlights that respondents in Singapore still perceive the government as the most trusted institution, with all institutions—including businesses and NGOs—regarded as both competent and ethical.

Among the four institutions surveyed, Singaporean respondents exhibited the highest level of trust in the Government’s ability to “do what is right” (77 %), followed by NGOs (66 %), businesses (63 %), and the media (60 %).

The survey also unveiled that over half of the respondents in Singapore believe that society and technology are evolving too rapidly and in ways that do not necessarily benefit them.

Furthermore, more than a quarter (28 %) of Singaporean respondents feel that innovation is poorly managed, while 24 % express satisfaction with its management.

Despite this, when it comes to regulating emerging innovations, half of Singaporeans—compared to 59 % globally—believe that government regulators lack adequate understanding of emerging technologies to regulate them effectively.

There is a notable correlation between feelings of mismanaged innovation and the belief that both technology and society are leaving individuals behind.

In addition, almost six in ten (57%) Singaporeans feel that the government and organizations that fund research exert too much influence on the direction of scientific endeavours.

The report also indicates that 93% of employed respondents in the country are anxious about job loss—a 3 percentage point increase from 2023.

The anxiety supported by the growing number of retrenchments taking place in the country is evident in the latest report by the country’s manpower ministry.

The total number of retrenchments in 2023 reached 14,590, more than doubling the record low observed in 2022.

There is also a 7 percentage point rise in Singapore’s general population (80%) who worry about hackers, and a surge of 5 percentage points in those who are concerned about climate change (75%).

Ms Julia Wei, the Chief Executive Officer of Edelman Singapore, observes that an “enduring and stable ecosystem of trust” has emerged in the country following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Despite this ecosystem of trust, people in Singapore … are wary of what they read and hear,” she said.

“This scepticism could be a negative outcome of an increasingly polarised world, where traditionally trusted spokespersons and sources of information are viewed as partisan and biased,” Ms Wei added.


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the fact is: we have been misled for years

What do you mean “fear?”

They have already been misled by the ruling government. They just need to comprehend that they’ve been fooled. That’ll probably take another 10 years or so.

Shut your mouth Ah Seng people like u overlook a lot of dishonesty on the Pap side what gives u the right to criticise DR Chee SHUT YOUR GARBAGE MOUTH

A typical rubbish pro pap supporter you noticed these people always used the same argument towards the opposition as “opportunist” “no experience” “falsehoods” typical garbage comments that is trying to frame the opposition as dishonest when they are upset the opposition is doing their JOB!
The assumption the opposition are serving themselves is nonsense they are not the gov what is there to benefit them

Singaporeans (at least 60%) believed all these:

“GST increase is to help the poor”
“Foreigners create jobs for local”
“An Indian was selected to be a Malay President”
“GRC is to ensure minority representation in Parliament”
“Life long learning”
“No GST increase is necessary until 2030”
“East Coast Plan”
“Goal 2010”
“Swiss standard of living”
“An ex-PAP minister can be an independent President”
etc, etc……

So what was there to mislead?

That’s right. That is why we 70% vote for the PAP government. They do not mislead the citizens. Only oppie MPs like to mislead the people. Either that they are thieves and opportunists. Look at Chee. He stole stamps in NUS and was fired. Then he started to badmouth the government. A bloody liar and thief! This kind of bastard will mislead the whole nation if he is voted in! Last time only steal stamps. He will then progress to stealing our CPF!!

Some sgs are too dumb to know theyre dumb……no wonder the gov takes advantage of this dumbness…Theres one born every second…
Like spending $100s or $1000s on TS concerts recently..

The PAP Administration HAS OUGHT to be SENSIBLE, come to terms with Singapreans and STOP ALL THEIR FxxK AROUND with people and their lives.

The WORLD is Moving around FAST and this Fkg PAP still living in Medieval Times Lord over people and TELL LIES AFTER LIES.

Do a PROPER JOB since U PAY Yourself Millions of Dollars ROBBED regularly frlm SG Reserves SO OFTEN times.

Who voted ? LOL

Must be the cotton and pineapple lovers being fooled over and over again. tsk tsk tsk

46% fear being misled by PAP, the rest of the 54% already know they are misled. In that case, how come the last GE, PAP still get 60% votes?????

The Edelman, who conducted this survey has to be feared – they were previously called out for misdemeanours. Were they indicted or charged for crimes?

Fear the AG, for instance, perhaps, bcz he works for the PAP viz for eg. he can’t even gather a team effectively to cooperate with the CPIB and to prosecute, to bring to justice those in Keppel who approved bribe payments, sign the cheques, issue the vouchers. So all these are huge difficulties tt the CPIB face hurdles in it’s work apparently a PAP dominated Parliament seems to impress. SG do NOT FEAR – fear the PAP DRAIN our State money to pay thesmeslevs EXHORBITANTLY, waste money to upgrade rental flats of PAP voters (is this democracy, esp based on… Read more »

The scams say it all and who is the biggest scammer?

In actual fact, many people had realised knowingly or privately, the PAP HAS, AND CONTINUE to MISUSE the Govt services to Achieve it’s Hegemonic aims via threats, fears, and surreptitious tactics. Look at the threats issued by Mah Bow Tan when trying to increase transport fares by threatening commuters with bus break downs, bus delays, etc. When bus transport Companies ARE PRIVATE companies, NOTHING to do with the PAP Administration or the Govt. These 2 sole duties IS TO faithfully provide the framework responsibly to ensure private bus companies do a good service job. Isn’t it that’s all. In fact… Read more »

I m simply confused by Singaporeans and wish they have better understanding of politics ABC, Politics 101. Why fear Govt. The PAP IS NOT the Govt. The PAP is ONLY the Administration of day. In theory any Political Party win Parliamentary majority seats form The Administration. FEAR the PAP. FXXX the PAP. CANCEL this PAP. VOTE OUT the PAP. The PAP Manipulate this Govt. The Govt serves the PEOPLE, NOT serve the PAP, just only a political Administration. The PAP PLAYED out the Govt TO CONTROL and MANIPULATE SGpns. They CHANGE the Constitution. They TOY with the SG Constitution. The… Read more »


The 60s ………

They’ve been misled and lied to from day 1. Sillyporeans are gullible creatures that love the suffering they’re given. They watch as their leaders scrape them and loot the coffers by using unheard of terminology but keep voting the crooks in.
So be it.

Only nearly half? Did the oppo get it wrong?. Some of the dafties were so mislead to vaxx until it led them to their ……death.
But of course, dead men or women tell no tales and neither could they participste in any survey!!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

It’s 2024, … and NOW, there’s fear amongst the natives that they MIGHT be misled by the government they’ve voted for, … for decades !!! It’s 2024, … meaning their inkling of fear has manifest itself a wee bit on the late side. Much of the damage has already taken place. Most of their “people” are in all of the key positions, … all around the island !!! Much is such, where “they” have all of the wealth, power, position, privileges and just about everything else under the god damn SillyPore sun !!! Much as I’d like to empathise with… Read more »

How to trust?

1 HDB Flat is affordable?
2 COE is to prevent traffic congestion
3 what about erp?
4 stamp duty for your flat….absd for your 2nd Flat
5 my pay is $1 and $2 million…yours ?
6 my home per sq ft very cheap black n white lux …….yours?
7 gst is to help the poor….who is helping me?
8 influencer us to help me win my seat……your money I am using
9 cpf not your money … cannot have so MUCH interest in SA