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Singapore-based PRISM+ to launch its own line of refrigerators

Singapore-based PRISM+ launches PureFresh & EverShine Refrigerators and Oasis Pro Ceiling Fans, expanding beyond ACs with innovative tech for modern homes.



In an expansion of its product lineup, Singapore-based PRISM+ has unveiled its latest offerings in home appliances, marking a new chapter in the company’s growth.

Known for its direct-to-consumer lifestyle electronic goods, PRISM+ has now introduced the PureFresh and EverShine Refrigerators, alongside the Oasis Pro Ceiling Fans, broadening its repertoire beyond smart air conditioners introduced in August 2022.

The new refrigerator models, PureFresh and EverShine, are PRISM+’s maiden venture into this category. The PureFresh range includes models with varying capacities and a side-by-side model designed for larger households, all featuring a sleek design in two color variants.

The EverShine models, available in 420 liter and 530 liter capacities, boast a premium Black Glass finish. Both lines are equipped with modern features like multi-zone cooling technology and no frost technology, aimed at enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

Jonathan Tan, Managing Director of PRISM+, emphasized the milestone this launch represents for the brand, noting, “This is yet another milestone for the brand, as we work towards providing a full-suite of solutions involving affordable home appliances to Singaporeans. Beyond the value that we bring in both our products and services, the brand has evolved to understand the value of our product’s aesthetics in the homes of our users.”

Additionally, PRISM+ has introduced the Oasis Pro Ceiling Fan, an upgrade to its Oasis model, featuring a modular design that offers a staggering 3,120 combinations for customization. This iteration includes new blade and housing design options, and it’s the first in Singapore to feature RGB lighting, allowing for personalized ambiance settings.

Xander You, Product Manager at PRISM+, highlighted the company’s focus on consumer feedback and the resulting product innovation, stating, “The success of the original Oasis inspired us to pour our resources into elevating the experience of our ceiling fans. We have taken into account the requests from our consumers who craved for even more personalization.”

Customers interested in these latest innovations can find the PRISM+ PureFresh and EverShine Refrigerators available for purchase on all official PRISM+ channels starting 13 March 2024. The company is also offering special promotional pricing for a limited time during the IT Show. The PRISM+ Oasis PRO Ceiling Fans will be open for pre-orders on 14 March 2024, with availability expected by the end of April.

For those eager to see these new products firsthand, PRISM+ will be showcasing them at the IT Show 2024 from 14 March to 17 March at the Suntec City Convention Centre, booth #8701. Additional information and details about the products and the event can be found on PRISM+’s official website.

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Skip skip skip … SIA Sgrean oso No stake … No discount … It is for the Elite Class …

GE USA, the American electrical BEHEMOTH for years dominated world’s share of elect appliances and gradually died of terminal cancer, even the honcho Jack Welch couldn’t prevent it’s demise where once Jack was a revered Corp Titan.

How the hell PRISM can succeed in tiny SG – please la, dream more. And to have your dreams come true, sleep in Parliament looks a better bet bcz they are still paid $15,000 a month for winks from Tax Payers money.

Is Jonathan and Xander raiding Nat State Reserves? Hahaha 😂 😂.

Last edited 4 months ago by 80twenty

Talking about milestones, in these climate change concerns and carbon tax times, I would be more impressed if PRISM+ focus would be on design for REPAIR of their appliances. Making devices that can be easily repaired instead of being trashed would save HUGE amounts of energy and hence CO2 saved.

I recently had to toss a toaster oven just because the heating bulb blew. Everything about that toaster oven is still functional and in good condition but I couldn’t just replace the bulb as it is not available nor is it easy to replace if available due to the design.

Moons ago there was local brand of electrical appliances and home equipment, Pan Electric.

Then was also, another electrical appliance maker, Acma, factory at Jurong.

I am suspicious that both Xander You, and Jonathan Tan were still waiting to be created from dust of the earth when these 2 brands thrived in the 60s, 70s. Mind u, both were public listed on SGX.