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Singaporean family’s marital strife creates social media stir in Indonesia

A marital dispute in Jakarta, involving a Singaporean man and his South Korean wife, captivates Indonesian media. Indonesian authorities note the wife filed report, hinting at an in-depth inquiry and summoning her for investigation.



Singaporean family's marital strife creates social media stir in Indonesia

INDONESIA: A marital dispute involving a Singaporean man and his South Korean wife, both residing in Jakarta, has recently captured the attention of the Indonesian media.

The controversy unfolded over the past week as the couple took their grievances online, participating in podcasts hosted by prominent YouTubers to publicly air their grievances about their deteriorating 16-year marriage.

Amy BMJ, the wife, accused her husband, Mr Wong, of taking away their four children, including a breastfeeding baby while he countered with allegations of neglect and physical abuse.

Amy pleads for help and seeks reunion with her children

The controversy escalated when Amy shared footage on Instagram, depicting a heated altercation with Mr Wong at an Indonesian hospital on 1 March.

The video, posted on 5 March through Amy’s Instagram (amyinbattle), revealed her attempt to retrieve her baby from her husband’s alleged mistress, resulting in a chaotic scene.

“This is what happened on 1 March 2024, when I tried to take my baby, but my husband restrained me, allowing his mistress to hold our child,” said Amy.

Amy can be seen pursuing her husband, their pre-teen daughter, and a woman identified as TE, believed to be Mr Wong’s alleged mistress, who is carrying an infant.

On the same day, Amy uploaded several clarification videos on Instagram with the caption, “I need help Indonesia, I’m helpless. I want to get my children back, especially my baby. Please pray for me.”

It is noted that Amy relocated to Indonesia with her husband due to his work commitments in November 2022.

In one of the video, Amy pleaded for help, expressing her distress after being ousted from the family home.

She disclosed that their savings were taken, and her children, including the breastfeeding baby, were also taken away.

Highlighting the power imbalance in their relationship, Amy noted Mr Wong’s prominent position as a top executive at DP World Indonesia.

She emphasized her own lack of resources, stating, “I just wanna look for help; I wanna get back my kids. That’s all I want.”

Another video highlighted the emotional impact of the separation, noting that she had only recently met her baby and eldest daughter for the first time since 21 January.

Amy underscored her efforts to seek assistance from various Indonesian institutions, including the police, the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI), and the Singapore and Korea Embassies.

In a plea for support, Amy addressed her husband’s employer, a vice president of business development at a multinational cargo logistics company.

Meanwhile, on 8 March, Mr Wong announced on LinkedIn, stating that his employment had come to an end, expressing gratitude to his professional network.

Amidst the turmoil, Amy expressed her sole desire to reunite with her children and resolve their divorce through a Singaporean court.

Amy’s case with her husband has become a topic of discussion on social media, where many netizens are expressing support for Amy.

“Stay strong, I believe you will reunite with your children,” shared one netizen.

“Don’t worry, we can help you. No kids should be separated from their biological mother,” commented another.

Mr Wong responds to Amy’s allegations in podcast, denying affair allegations

In the latest twist of the family saga, Mr Wong and their eldest daughter took to a Youtube podcast on Sunday (10 March), offering their perspective from a hotel in Malaysia.

Mr Wong and their eldest daughter used the platform to counter Amy’s narrative.

Amy’s daughter dismissed accusations against her father, refuting claims of his alleged malevolence and involvement with the Indonesian dangdut singer, TE.

Instead, the daughter disclosed instances of Amy shouting and physically abusing both children while they were residing in Singapore.

“Sometimes she beats us and screams. Mostly it was my brother who was hit,” said Amy’s daughter.

Amy’s daughter also highlighted her mother’s frequent alcohol consumption, which exacerbated her harsh treatment towards the children, culminating in destructive outbursts.

“She came into our room, and destroyed everything for reasons we don’t know,” she added.

In an interview, the daughter expressed concerns about potential repercussions from Amy, prompting them to change hotels due to paranoia.

On the other side of the story, Mr Wong, aware of Amy reporting herself on charges of adultery and obstructing exclusive breastfeeding, spoke out against the allegations.

He expressed frustration at the public attention Amy’s report brought upon him.

Mr Wong strongly denied Amy’s claim that TE was his mistress, instead praising her positive influence on his family over the past two years.

Despite the damage to his reputation, Mr Wong asserted that TE continues to support him and his children.

Blaming Amy for the household turmoil, Mr Wong accused her of being an irresponsible mother and wife.

In response to Mr Wong’s statement on a podcast, Amy uploaded evidence of the alleged cheating on her Instagram on Monday (11 Mar).

She urged him to “be honest for once.”

Amy reports her husband for adultery and breastfeeding obstruction

The Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police has officially acknowledged a report filed by Amy, shedding light on the ongoing feud between her and her husband, Mr Wong.

Amy’s report also implicated an alleged mistress identified as TE, a dangdut singer from Indonesia.

According to Police Commissioner Ade Ary Syam Indradi, the report was received on Wednesday (6 Mar).

Amy detailed her accusations against her husband and his supposed mistress, citing their involvement in alleged criminal acts related to adultery and the prevention of exclusive breastfeeding.

“The report encompasses serious allegations of criminal acts, including adultery and the obstruction of exclusive breastfeeding,” stated Police Commissioner Ade during a press briefing on Friday (8 Mar).

He further mentioned that investigators would summon Amy in the near future for a more in-depth inquiry into her report.

However, specific details about when Amy would be summoned for questioning at The Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police were not disclosed by the Police Commissioner.

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