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ICA introduces QR code immigration clearance for travelers in cars

Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) introduces a groundbreaking change, allowing travelers in cars to clear immigration effortlessly using QR codes instead of traditional passports, starting from 19 March. Simplifying the process, the ICA aims to enhance efficiency and provide a faster, contactless experience.



ICA introduces QR code immigration clearance for travelers in cars

SINGAPORE: Starting from 19 March, travellers crossing Singapore’s Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints by car will have the convenience of clearing immigration using QR codes instead of traditional passports.

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) announced on 12 March that the QR codes can be utilized for individual travelers or groups of up to 10 people in the same vehicle.

To facilitate this process, travelers must download the MyICA mobile application on their devices and input their passport details to generate a unique QR code.

The mobile application is available for free on both the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

Singapore residents have the option to auto-populate their passport details using SingPass when accessing the MyICA mobile application.

Alternatively, they can employ the built-in camera function to scan the Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ) of their passport biodata page.

Foreign visitors with previous visits to Singapore can utilize the built-in camera function in the MyICA mobile application to scan the MRZ of their passport biodata page for automatic population of their passport information.

However, first-time visitors and individuals re-entering Singapore with a different passport from their last visit are required to present their physical passport for immigration clearance.

Subsequent trips can then leverage the QR code for immigration clearance.

Simplifying clearance for travelers in groups

Following the population of passport details on the MyICA mobile application, travelers can generate individual QR codes or group QR codes for immigration clearance.

In instances where multiple travelers share a vehicle, they can consolidate their passport details on one family member’s phone, generating a group QR code for the entire group, such as a family of four.

Moreover, travelers have the flexibility to create multiple QR codes for different groups, with each group QR code accommodating up to 10 travelers’ passport details.

These codes can be conveniently stored and labeled within the application, ensuring ease of use.

The encrypted QR codes can only be accessed and decrypted by ICA.

To streamline the process, travelers can present their QR codes at arrival and departure car counters at Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints, where ICA officers will conduct face-to-face checks using backend data retrieved through the QR code.

It is essential for group travelers to utilize a QR code containing the passport details of all occupants in the same vehicle to avoid rejection.

Faster and more convenient travel

The implementation of QR codes aims to enhance efficiency, offering estimated time savings ranging from around 20 seconds for cars with four travelers to approximately one minute for those with 10 travelers, according to ICA.

This initiative can collectively reduce overall waiting times by over 30% if widely adopted, providing a faster and more convenient experience for travelers.

Additionally, ICA emphasized that this contactless and hygienic immigration clearance option does not replace the traditional method.

Travelers can still choose to present their physical passports to ICA officers at the counter if they prefer.

Looking ahead, ICA plans to gradually extend QR code clearance to other clearance zones at the land checkpoints, ensuring that travelers using various modes of transportation can also benefit from faster and more convenient immigration clearance.

Further details on this expansion will be disclosed in due course.

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Just do away with the checking between Malaysia and Singapore land borders. This is wasting taxpayers’ monies. In Europe, only one check and you can move freely to different countries.