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Netizens advocate for better treatment of athletes in Singapore

Netizens rally for better support for S’porean athletes following Ramasamy “Roy” Krishnan’s story of injury and retirement from football. His experience sparked calls for improved care from agency like FAS, highlighting the need for financial aid and medical assistance for retired athletes.



SINGAPORE: Netizens are rallying for enhanced support and care for athletes in Singapore after learning about the experiences of Ramasamy “Roy” Krishnan, a respected figure in Singaporean football, following his injuries.

Mr Krishnan’s story emerged as part of a series by Channel NewsAsia (CNA), titled “Never Too Old,” which delved into the lives of seniors who “chose to spend their golden years working.”

The 72-year-old shared the start and end of his football career with CNA, along with the memorable moments and accomplishments he enjoyed while playing for Singapore’s football team as a left-winger.

When questioned about his motivation five decades into his footballing journey, Mr Krishnan expressed, “I love the job.”

After sustaining injuries to his left knee, Mr Krishnan retired from football.

He had injured his left knee during an international match, tearing the cartilage, which necessitated surgery.

Mr Krishnan told CNA that he stopped playing because he “was very slow already,” and could not continue anymore because of the injury.

Following his retirement from playing, Krishnan transitioned into coaching, serving as an assistant under Jimmy Pearson at Jurong FC.

He later assumed the role of head coach for a brief period before the renowned V Sundramoorthy took over.

Eventually, he devoted himself to the role of kit man, ensuring the team’s equipment and facilities were in order, a position he held until Jurong FC’s departure from the S.League in 2003.

Mr Krishnan returned to working when he received an offer from a Japanese club, where he now serves as the logistics manager at the Singapore Premier League club Albirex Niigata (S).

Netizens rally for better support for Singaporean athletes

The publication of Mr Krishnan’s story prompted an outpouring of support from netizens, who called upon agencies such as the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) and Singapore’s Sports council to provide better care for the country’s athletes, particularly in their post-competitive years.

Many emphasized the need for financial assistance and medical support for athletes like Mr Krishnan, who had dedicated themselves to representing Singapore on the global stage.

“They represented our country. In twilight years, struggling. Honor them, help them financially and medical.

“Think about it folks. This is one reason why Singapore is not up there in sports. Only a few make it and after a few years, they are forgo,” one user wrote.

Commentators highlighted the importance of recognizing and honoring the contributions of athletes beyond their competitive years, advocating for measures such as pensions and healthcare provisions to safeguard their well-being.

One user remarked, “Come to a time. Singapore needs to look at how they can take care of retired/injured athletes.

“Guaranteed education, guaranteed job. With the future taken care can the athletes go play and train without worries,” the user added.

Concerns were also raised regarding the state of Mr Krishnan’s injured knee, with calls for medical intervention to aid in his recovery.

The response underlines a growing sentiment within the online community regarding the treatment of athletes in Singapore, with calls for systemic improvements to ensure their welfare and dignity are upheld both during and after their sporting careers.

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