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Man charged with alleged neglect of 43 cats in Ang Mo Kio flat for 3 months; two died

A Singaporean man faces 44 charges for leaving 43 cats in an Ang Mo Kio flat for 3 months without food or water. 2 cats died.



SINGAPORE: A man has been charged for allegedly leaving 43 cats alone in an Ang Mo Kio flat for approximately three months without access to food and water, resulting in the deaths of two of the felines.

Muhammad Danial Sukirman, a 31-year-old Singaporean, was handed 44 charges in court under the Animals and Birds Act on Wednesday (6 March), as Singapore state media CNA reported.

These charges primarily revolve around causing unnecessary pain and suffering to the 43 cats, with one charge of failing to attend a meeting with an authorized officer at the Animal & Veterinary Service.

According to charge sheets, the cats, which were of domestic shorthair breed and labelled E1 to E43, were allegedly left unattended in a vacant flat located on the sixth floor of a Housing Board block at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 between August 2021 and November 2021.

During this period, the animals were deprived of adequate sustenance and were found in “poor living conditions.”

Tragically, two of the cats, labelled E42 and E43, succumbed to “acute deaths” due to stress and physical exertion, their bodies were found in severely deteriorated conditions.

Despite receiving a notice in writing on 6 December 2022, instructing him to appear before an authorized officer at the Animal & Veterinary Service on 12 December, Danial failed to comply with the directive.

The National Parks Board (NParks) prosecutor has indicated an intent to seek a total sentence of at least two to four weeks’ jail time for the accused.

Danial has expressed a desire to plead guilty, although he has also requested legal representation from the Public Defender’s Office.

He is set to return to court on 27 March to further address the charges.

If convicted of causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal, he could face up to 18 months imprisonment, a fine of up to S$15,000, or both.

For the charge of failing to attend before an authorized officer, he may be sentenced to a maximum of six months in jail, a fine of up to S$10,000, or both.

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