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Altercation escalates to violence between Thai and Filipina transgender women outside Bangkok hotel

A robbery and assault led to a violent clash between Thai and Filipina transgender men outside a Bangkok hotel. Law enforcement intervened, resulting in arrests and injuries.



THAILAND: On the early morning of 5 March, a distressing incident unfolded outside a hotel situated on Sukhumvit Soi 11 in Bangkok, as documented by circulating social media footage.

The altercation involved individuals identifying as transgender men from both Thai and Filipino backgrounds.

As reported by a local Thailand news outlet, The Thaiger, the conflict arose when a Thai transgender woman was purportedly subjected to physical assault and robbery by a group of approximately 20 Filipino transgender women.

The situation swiftly escalated when the aggrieved Thai party sought redress, prompted a significant law enforcement presence from Lumpini Police Station to stabilize the situation and promote peaceful discussions.

Regrettably, tensions persisted as the Thai group, numbering in the hundreds, refused to yield, occupying the vicinity outside the hotel where the Filipino group was accommodated.

The group yelled “Thailand!” and “Get out!” causing distress to the Filipina group.

At approximately 3.30 am, a contingent of ten police officers arrived to facilitate the departure of the initial two Filipino individuals amidst the fervent atmosphere.

Despite the Royal Thai Police’s efforts, using loudspeakers to urge restraint and non-violence, the situation rapidly deteriorated.

Members of the Thai group began throwing bottles at the Filipina group.

This led to the police line being broken, resulting in physical fights between the two groups.

The video showed police officers having a hard time stopping the fighting.

Some of the Thais were forcefully taking the Filipinas away from the hotel.

They also jumped and climbed on top of a few individuals and started assaulting the Filipinas.

Eventually, the police managed to control the situation and arrested both the attackers and the victims, and they were taken to Lumpini Police Station.

However, the exact number of people arrested and the condition of the injured is not known yet, according to The Thaiger’s report.

(Correction – The article has update the gender pronoun for the transgender individuals involved)

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