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SAESL’s US$180M investment to bring 500 job opportunities in new aerospace facilities

Singapore Airlines Engineering Company (SAESL) is set to invest US$180 million, creating 500 jobs in new aerospace facilities. The expansion is supported by Singapore Economic Development Board and JTC Corporation.



SINGAPORE: Singapore Aero Engine Services Private Limited (SAESL) is set to invest a substantial US$180 million (S$242 million) into expanding its aerospace maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations by nearly doubling its size by 2026.

In partnership with Rolls-Royce, this move aims to increase SAESL’s capacity by 40%, cementing its position as a key player in the aviation industry.

In a statement issued on Thursday (21 February),  the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) said this expansion initiative is not only about growth but also about creating opportunities for the future.

SAESL plans to generate 500 new technician and engineering jobs by 2028 as stated in a statement on 21 February.

These positions will play a crucial role in supporting the increased capacity resulting from the expansion.

To solidify its support of Singapore as an aviation hub and ecosystem, SAESL will also be signing Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with several agencies and partners over two days at the Singapore Airshow.

On 21 February, SAESL signed MoUs with the EDB and JTC Corporation.

These agreements will pave the way for discussions on facilitating the expansion of SAESL’s MRO operations in Singapore.

The following day, on 22 February, SAESL continued its partnership efforts by signing MOUs with the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) and NTUC LearningHub (NTUC LHUB).

These collaborations aim to raise awareness about the 500 new engineering career opportunities and promote skill development among potential candidates.

NTUC LHUB has also been appointed as SAESL’s preferred training partner, emphasizing the commitment to nurturing a skilled workforce for the aerospace industry.

The partnerships will focus on encouraging upgrading of skillsets, supporting transformative growth in advanced repair, additive remanufacturing, non-contact measurement, automation and digital technology, and facilitating career advancement for individuals seeking to join the dynamic field of aerospace engineering.

Beyond training the new hires to fill the positions, NTUC LHUB will also be appointed as the preferred training partner of SAESL.

Chief executive of SAESL, Simon Middlebrough expressed enthusiasm for this expansion, highlighting the company’s dedication to innovation and customer value.

“SAESL is excited to embark on this expansion journey which underscores our commitment to innovation and growth to bring unparalleled value to our customers.

We also see the importance in building up a workforce ready for tomorrow and nurturing the next generation.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to our partners, EDB, JTC, e2i and NTUC LHUB, for their support.”

The expansion plan includes the construction of new facilities spanning over 50,000 sq m of space.

This includes a 26,000 sq m facility at JTC’s Loyang estate, adjacent to the current SAESL campus at Calshot Road.

Additionally, SAESL will expand into the Rolls-Royce campus in JTC’s Seletar Aerospace Park.

The existing facilities at Calshot and Loyang Road will undergo significant transformation to meet the anticipated increase in production capacity.

The new facility at Calshot Road will specialize in engine inductions, utilizing advanced logistics solutions for efficient engine parts management.

Operations at the Seletar Campus will focus on large component repair, commodity centres of excellence, and low-pressure turbine repair.

SAESL plans to establish an Advanced Repair Cell (ARC) dedicated to industrializing core technologies such as additive remanufacturing, adaptive machining, and non-contact measurement systems.

EDB believes that the completion of SAESL’s expansion program is set to unfold progressively from 2026 onwards, representing a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory and its positive impact on Singapore’s aviation industry.

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