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Draft imposed by Myanmar’s military junta raises alarm, UN expert calls for action

UN expert warns Myanmar’s military junta poses a greater threat with the imposition of a draft, calling for international action to protect civilians and cut off junta’s access to weapons.



The United Nations has raised concerns over Myanmar’s military junta intensifying threats to civilians by imposing mandatory military service.

Tom Andrews, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, highlighted the junta’s signs of weakness and desperation, calling for robust international measures to safeguard vulnerable populations.

According to Andrews, the junta’s decision to enforce conscription signals not only its precarious position due to troop losses and recruitment difficulties but also its continued danger.

“The military junta, while appearing wounded and desperate, poses an extreme threat,” Andrews remarked.

He noted the junta’s reliance on coercing young men and women into military service amidst ongoing aggressive actions against civilians using significant weapon stockpiles.

On 10 February, the junta activated the 2010 People’s Military Service Law, making men aged 18 to 35 and women aged 18 to 27 eligible for the draft, with professionals subject to conscription up to 45 and 35 years, respectively.

Evaders face up to five years in jail. Plans to draft 5,000 individuals monthly starting April were confirmed by a junta spokesperson.

With the UN Security Council’s inaction, Andrews urges nations to collaborate on cutting off the junta’s weapons and funding streams.

He emphasized that the draft’s imposition does not diminish the threat to Myanmar’s people but increases it. Reports of forced recruitment and civilians being used as human shields underline the junta’s brutal tactics.

The Special Rapporteur’s call extends to humanitarian aid, urging the international community to support Myanmar’s people through increased aid and backing democratic transitions.

“The international community’s urgent action is imperative to isolate the junta and protect Myanmar’s people,” Andrews stated, underscoring the need for a response that prioritizes human rights, transparency, and accountability.

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Can see a mutiny or defection in place.
Anyways, the United Nonsense just talks and talks on.

Sounds like a good plan. Let the junta arm reluctant conscripts and then have them rebel against the junta.