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US couple’s decision to skip showers in Malaysia over discoloured water criticised

Netizens criticize a US couple for refraining from showering during their Malaysia trip due to concerns about discolored water. The couple’s actions spark a debate on social media.



MALAYSIA: A Malaysian recently voiced their criticism on social media against a US couple who refrained from showering for three days during their trip to Malaysia, citing concerns about yellowish tap water.

Originally shared on TikTok on 25 May 2023, the video gained traction after being reshared on the “sicklepissy” X page, amassing 2.3 million views since its posting on 19 February.

Accompanied by a caption expressing disbelief and disgust, the post highlighted the couple’s decision to forego showering despite venturing out in public and even dining at a fast food restaurant.

The netizen questioned the couple’s rationale, emphasizing that the discoloured water was merely due to rust and posed no significant health risk.

Further remarks from the original poster emphasized that as long as one refrains from drinking the water, there should be no issue with using it for showering.

They even suggested purchasing bottled mineral water for showering if necessary.

The post attracted significant attention from netizens, who flooded the comments section with their thoughts and condemnation of the couple’s actions.

One netizen expressed confusion, questioning the couple’s logic in prioritizing not showering over using discolored water, suggesting laziness as the true motive.

Another wondered if the couple’s reluctance to shower stemmed from their experience in their home country’s winter season, contrasting it with Malaysia’s hot climate.

A subsequent comment offered practical solutions for the couple, such as discussing the water quality issue with hotel management or seeking alternative accommodations.

Additionally, a netizen observed a pattern in the couple’s budget accommodation choices, which could explain the issue with dirty water.

Sharing her own experience, another netizen recounted showering at a petrol station’s toilet when unable to afford a hotel room.

Meanwhile, comments on the couple’s original post, which gained 5 million views since posted last year, continued to criticize their decision to forgo showering for three days.

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Too much chlorine is Toxic especially if you are drinking it.

The slight yellow tint is due to the presence of Chlorine in the water.

Some parts of Malaysia have less sophisticated water purifying plants and therefore make up the difference by adding more chlorine into the tap water.

The water is perfectly safe to drink after boiling. Let alone shower. This is what happens when individuals grow up without absorbing some everyday common knowledge.

The CDC may have listed water in Malaysia as unsafe. Some people will check on the safety of the water in other countries before travelling.