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Good Samaritan earns praise for assisting lost girl in Geylang

A man’s kind act in aiding a lost girl in Geylang earns praise from netizens. They laud his actions, highlighting the importance of kindness and ensuring safety, particularly for vulnerable individuals.



SINGAPORE: A man’s selfless act of helping a 12-year-old girl who found herself lost in Geylang has earned praise from netizens, who commend him for his kind action.

Facebook user Md Faz shared his account of the incident in a Facebook post on Monday, 19 February.

According to his narrative, he noticed the “small-built girl” while cycling home at 8:15 pm after purchasing soup at Upper Boon Keng.

Spotting her alone at a bus stop near Nicol Highway, he initially continued on his way but soon felt compelled to turn back and offer his assistance after feeling uneasy about the situation.

Approaching the girl, who appeared lost and confused, Faz learned that she had missed her bus stop and was unsure of her whereabouts.

Quick to act, Faz engaged with the girl and her concerned brother via phone, reassuring them of his intentions and offering guidance on the safest route home.

Upon recognizing the vulnerability of a young girl alone at night in an unfamiliar area, Faz escorted her to the appropriate bus stop, ensuring her safety until she boarded the correct bus bound for her destination.

Faz’s proactive approach extended beyond mere guidance; he took measures to alleviate the girl’s anxiety by updating her on the bus’s arrival time and encouraging her to share her live location with her brother.

This thoughtful gesture not only provided practical assistance but also offered reassurance during a potentially frightening experience.

Online users praise man’s kind act

The majority of commentators online have expressed admiration for the man’s compassionate act in aiding the lost girl.

Some offered words of praise and prayers for his benevolent deeds, emphasizing the importance of such acts of kindness in ensuring the safety and well-being of others, especially vulnerable individuals like the young girl in this instance.

One user remarked, “Not all heroes wear cape, some wear helmet.”

Another stated, “Good job bro, father instinct kick in.”

There are also some who noted that the girl’s age resonated with their own children, expressing gratitude that someone was willing to assist her and ensure her safe return.

One user expressed gratitude for the man’s actions, stating, “I have a girl that age, I can imagine the family’s anxiety and how scared she must have been too!”

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Mama should have told her never to talk to strangers but then with such girl, she probably ain’t new to going out with strangers!😆😆😆😆