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PA surveys community & govt confidence amid pending general election

The People’s Association has initiated a survey to assess Singaporeans’ community involvement and confidence in government leadership amid speculations of an early election this year.



Residents across Singapore are being called upon to share their opinions in a new survey aimed at gauging the level of community involvement and the state of social relations within the country.

The People’s Association (PA), under the leadership of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, has commissioned the survey, which is being conducted by ASCENTIQ throughout February and March.

The survey seeks to explore residents’ confidence in the Singapore government, its leadership, and their participation in community activities. Participants are required to answer over 47 questions, ranging from simple yes or no responses to more detailed ratings on a scale of 0 to 10.

To acknowledge the time and effort of the respondents, each participant is rewarded with a S$10 NTUC voucher.

PA has consistently received generous funding over the years, including a significant allocation in the FY2023 budget. This allocation amounts to S$597.17 million, representing 31% of the operating expenditure of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY).

The survey comes amid the possibility of an early election being called this year, following Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s announcement last year of his intention to hand over leadership to Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong.

PM Lee has the discretion to decide the timing of the next election, which must be held no later than 23 November 2025, and may call for it when he deems it advantageous to the People’s Action Party (PAP).

In 2022, former Member of Parliament Mr Leon Perera raised questions regarding the government’s policy on publishing comprehensive data sets from government-commissioned survey data.

In response, Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister for Communication and Information, highlighted the government’s approach to balancing the publication of data with the protection of personal information and the potential sensitivity of survey findings.

While many survey findings, such as the annual Labour Force Survey and the Household Expenditure Survey, are made public, Mrs Teo noted the challenges in publishing specific datasets.

“However, specific datasets may not be suitable for publication. Survey respondents often give their consent on the understanding that their responses will be kept confidential. They entrust their personal data in confidence, and we take this seriously,” said the Minister.

“Removing personal identifiable information is not enough. Parts of a dataset can involve very small samples which heightens the risk of re-identifying survey respondents significantly. This is especially so for longitudinal panel surveys. Instead, we may share more sensitive data directly with researchers looking into relevant topics, with additional safeguards.”

Whether the findings will be openly shared or utilized internally for policy formulation, whether to call for an early election or simply gerrymandering by PAP, remains to be seen.

So far, signs suggest that the election could be held as early as June to avoid potential scandals for the PAP government and to sidestep the anticipated Temasek earnings report and the trial of Iswaran’s corruption charges.

Below are the questions that interviewees are being asked.

  1. I agree with how the Government runs Singapore.
  2. The Government listens to its citizens and understands their aspirations.
  3. The Government contributes well to the citizens.
  4. Singaporeans from all walks of life are united and will stand through good and bad times.
  5.  I am hopeful for the future of Singapore and Singaporeans
  6. How much confidence do you have in the Singapore leadership (excluding members of parliament)?
  7. How much confidence do you have in public services (PUB/HDB, etc)?
  8. How do you rate the government agencies’ competency? How do you rate the government agencies’ integrity?
  9. How do you rate the government agencies’ dedication to the country?
  10. How do you rate the government agencies’ care about citizens?
  11. How do you rate the government agencies’ sincerity?
  12. How do you rate the government agencies’ connection with the people?
  13. I feel a sense of solidarity with other Singaporeans regardless of race, language, religion and background.
  14. The different people that makeup society are interdependent and will need one another to achieve happiness and prosperity for everyone, regardless of their background.
  15. I treat people respectfully and accept the differences at work and in day-to-day social life
  16. In my experience, I have been treated respectfully, and my differences are accepted at work and in day-to-day social life.
  17. Acceptance of people speaking their differences in customs, preference in expression, and identity in public
  18. In your experience, people accept my differences in customs, preference in expression, and identity in public.
  19. I am considerate of my differences in customs, preference in expression, and identity in public that I would keep in a private space.
  20. Others are considerate of my differences in customs, preference in expression, and identity in public that I would keep in a private space.
  21. Living in a fair society with a level playing field regardless of race, language, religion and background
  22. The effort that I put in will result in a better life for me and my family.
  23. The potential tensions and disagreements between different people in our society are well-managed regardless of background.
  24. People here in my neighbourhood act in consideration for one another.
  25. People in my neighbourhood settle disputes amicably
  26. People here in my neighbourhood look out for one another.
  27. In my neighbourhood, neighbours are also friends.
  28. Are you in any digital chat group with other people in your neighbourhood?
  29. Did you engage in any volunteer work with any organisation in the last 12 months?
  30. Did you participate in any citizen engagement efforts with any agencies in the last 12 months?
  31. Did you attend any community events in the last 12 months?
  32. I am aware of what grassroots organisations are there.
  33. I am aware of grassroots organisations that are driven to build a community to look after those who need help in the neighbourhood.
  34. Grassroots organisations are relevant in explaining government policies and conveying the sentiments to the government.
  35. I want to work with grassroots organisations to build a better Singapore.
  36. In the last 12 months, did you interact with the grassroots organisation?
  37. Community centres are important providers of community activities for the community to come together.
  38. Resident Centres are the focus point for community lives in the neighbourhood.
  39. In the last 12 months, did you visit a community centre?
  40. In the last 12 months, did you participate in any programmes organised by the People’s Association and grassroots organisations?
  41. Have you heard about Chingay?
  42. Chingay signifies Singapore’s multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society.
  43. Chingay brings people from different races, religions, backgrounds and walks of life together as a community.
  44. Chingay displays volunteer spirit.
  45. I feel a strong sense of pride as a result of Chingay.
  46. I am more interested in understanding the different cultures and traditions in Singapore as a result of Chingay.
  47. In the last three years, did you participate in Chingay or any associated event or watch it on TV?
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Had this kind of survey a few years ago before COVID
Gave G low marks
Since then never been asked again.

Cotton and Pineapple lovers fooled over and over again.

Did they survey who increased GST to 9% and now the garment telling you they help you to contain the high cost of living? what do you think? tsk tsk tsk

No choice have to eat fish if chicken is expensive. tsk tsk tsk

Wa! Now let go 47 test balloons some more! Sylvia was right after all.

Recall their Focus group surveys for SimplyGo told them the “public” was NOT interested to see the card balance, nor the new system should be compatible with older systems in current use. So clearly their surveys are Ownselr Survey Ownself ones, the conclusions already decided beforehand.

C’mon, use common sense, lah. If they had done the surveys truthfully and properly, would GE2020 be so humiliating that Kayu Boy-boy had to call voters as Free Riders? It only proved that Ownself Cannot Do Surveys Properly Ownself. Again legacy cap for the Dishonorable Son.

that’s how their surveys work
once you rate the G low, you won’t be included in their future surveys
it happened to me a few years ago

The survey will show 70% of us support the government. Fuck those useless oppies.

No no why leh. Almost everywhere I go I see road works. Even cny period there was a lane partly blocked causing some congestion or slow down. Like trimming plants. So bow low one meh? You what? I got a magic feeling the bloody Coe well spent leh. Suddenly I feel Coe justified 🤣 . Looks like another Landslide victory. Thanks to no one but the Majority.

The PA is used as a propaganda tool by the PAP at our costs. It doesn’t serve the Public. So why participate in this survey?

48. Have you heard of Thaipusam? 49. Are devotees of Thaipusam allowed to play loud music on the march like St Patrick’s Day procession in Singapore? 50. Is the government importing too many fake talents from south asia? 51. Do you like the open legs immigration policy of the government? 52. Are Singaporeans discriminated against, and in favour of foreigners? 53. Are Singaporeans happy about life, work, quality of life and the ever escalating cost of living? 54. Are you happy with the excessively long working hours in Singapore? 55. Are you happy about the estranged family relationship of the… Read more »

Survey only those who voted for the…….
Result come out…obvious.
But oppo losers will say …70% of respondent are dissatisfied and shit stirrer Leong will again go to Parliment to stir shit on the motive of such survey….
Here we go again….you know every minute they talk cock in Parliment cost taxpayers how much, you know?😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

As I postulated previously the possibility of a snap election, I just hope the opposition parties are well and truly ready to join the fray if and when a snap election is announced.

The budget tomorrow (16 Feb) would, I believe, be a generous one to provide a sop to gullible Singaporeans.

Let us just take the money but continue to vote opposition.

Nowadays, when ever in coffee shop, approach by SO CALL charity by………

Boh Lui


Only selected Favourite will take part in survey. just like only eligible Sgrean for their wayang show… They will never change and will continue this way to hold onto power.

And what happen to the Total Defence Day siren … Siren spoil?!?

Legally speaking, this can be considered PAP is CHEATING and committing FRAUD acts – and their BEHAVIOUR is BLATANT EGREGIOUS because they RAID State Reserves for OWN BENEFIT. How is the survey to Benefit The People? How? How is the PAP justified to USE tax Payers Money to BENEFIT themselves, to gauge people’s Feelings?

If PAP is ENTIRELY above board, use THEIR OWN salaries to PAY for their surveys.

1. The PAP is a Power factory – making gunpowder, weapons to….
2. The PAP Administration is a Price Gouger. At the same time it’s also a Bank Robber while it PRETEND to act as a Charity which many Sheeps are Extremely UNAWARE of, bcz Wolves in Sheeps Clothings ARE TOUGH to see.

Grassroots or grassloots? Your guess is as good as mine. Where got people want to work for nothing. … LOL