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Switzerland crowned best country for building multi-generational wealth

Switzerland leads in building multi-generational wealth, says Henley & Partners, with the US and Singapore close behind. The study emphasizes education, career prospects, and investment migration for family prosperity.



In a groundbreaking study released by citizenship advisory giant Henley & Partners, Switzerland has been named the premier destination for families aiming to forge a legacy of wealth and success for generations to come.

The Alpine nation, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and high quality of life, now adds another feather to its cap according to the firm’s latest research findings.

The Henley & Partners report, which also oversees the prestigious annual passport index, introduces a novel investigation into how the fusion of top-tier education and enhanced global mobility can unlock unparalleled opportunities for future generations.

This synergy, the firm posits, is instrumental in expanding global networks, bolstering career trajectories, and enhancing economic mobility, thereby setting the stage for sustained prosperity and wealth accumulation over a lifetime.

Following closely behind Switzerland in the rankings are the United States and Singapore, securing the second and third positions, respectively.

Each of these countries presents its own unique blend of attributes conducive to wealth generation and career advancement for relocating families.

Switzerland distinguishes itself with a remarkably low unemployment rate of 2% and the distinction of hosting seven of the world’s top 250 universities. These factors combine to make it an attractive prospect for families keen on securing both financial stability and exceptional educational opportunities for their children.

The United States, not far behind, is celebrated for its dynamic job market and unparalleled higher education system, boasting 46 of the world’s leading universities.

Singapore, meanwhile, emerges as a pivotal economic hub in Asia, offering abundant opportunities in burgeoning sectors like banking and engineering, complemented by straightforward visa processes.

The Henley Opportunity Index, which formed the basis of this study, meticulously evaluated various factors across 27 countries—including education, earning potential, career advancement, and quality of life—to calculate “opportunity scores” for families desiring to elevate their socioeconomic status.

One of the most striking revelations from the index is the transformative potential of investment migration.

For instance, an Indonesian family could see their opportunity score leap from 25% in their homeland to 82% by securing residence rights in the U.S. through the US EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

Similarly, Indian families could boost their score from 32% to an impressive 85% by relocating to Switzerland, while Nigerians could enhance their prospects from 14% to 79% by moving to Singapore through the Global Investor Program.

Tess Wilkinson, Education Director at Henley & Partners, emphasized the pivotal role of geographic location in global income disparities, highlighting the significance of choosing the right country for ensuring the longevity of family wealth.

Supporting this perspective, Dr José Caballero, a Senior Economist at the IMD World Competitiveness Center in Switzerland, pointed out the cumulative benefits of investment migration programs.

These programs not only facilitate easier access to premium education and professional opportunities but also enhance the quality of life and economic prospects for migrant families, thereby contributing to sustained family prosperity.

The findings also underscore the growing trend of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) gravitating towards these top-ranking nations, with Switzerland witnessing a net inflow of 2,200 HNWIs in 2022, followed by Singapore with 2,900, and the USA with 1,500.

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This study seems to pertain more for NEW comers into the respective country, rather than for those born in that country and how much wealth their next generation is getting. So foreign HNWIs would benefit since they have the initial wealth to relocate to another country and that country’s policies are friendly to those with wealth. Conversely, those born poor or Okish in that country may be locked into a generational trap of not being able to rise above a certain level.

SHEEGAPORE must be UNDISPUTED World Champion to create wealth trusted in the hands of a TINY group of SELF PAID Millionaire Politicians ANNOUNCED themselves as Elites, while claiming to SELF JUSTIFY, with no one, including themselves knowing how much is NEEDED in Future.

Then the Fking Demand from citizens is NO bloody NEED to HORDE our money for us, on our behalf, & WILDLY, BASELESSLY claim for future generations (foreigners or blue Sheeps, which is which WHEN they have FAILED MISERABLY in birth rates policies for YEARS)

The FuJian gang and other similar~ish entities obviously had a little peep, … years ahead of this groundbreaking and earth shattering study !!!

GDP used as a measurement to assess the wealth of a Nation should be replaced with how much assets are held by citizens and passed on to the next. All first world states can be said to be truly wealthy except Singapore, as 80% live in depreciating leases and high costs public housing. The govt. in reverse holds most of the State’s assets. So it is incorrect to say that we are in the likes of Switzerland or the U.S.

Switzerland 41,285 km2 with 8,902,308 people.
Singapore 734.3 km2 with 5,917,600 people, going to 10 millions exceeding Ssitzerland population.

Excuses to hold onto the Resources so that they can control and give only to their favourite slaves or humans … No?!?

Just like if I own the banks and I only loan to their favourites with benefits …

What a CRUDE Joke – building up reserves for the Future, for the NOT YET UNBORN doesn’t deserve mention, hahaha. And it was claimed WITH A HUGE BLOODY LAME EXCUSE, ‘no one knows for sure how much is ENOUGH’ which then CONSEQUENTIALLY, SOUNDLY, Defeats tested Best Management Practice of GOOD Forecasting, Good Planning, Good Strategic Planning, these 3 of which IS THRASHED and DEMOLISHED by the world MOST EXPENSIVE but No Value Talk Big Leader.