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Collision of motorcycle and Singapore-registered vehicle in Malaysia ignites debate

Dashcam footage of a motorcyclist colliding with a Singapore-registered vehicle on a Malaysian expressway sparks heated online debate. Both parties criticized for reckless driving behaviour.



MALAYSIA: Dashcam footage capturing a motorcyclist being thrown off his bike after colliding with a Singapore-registered vehicle that abruptly veered into the emergency lane in Malaysia has sparked widespread debate online.

The incident, occurring on 12 February at KM 123.2 of the North-South Expressway, Batu Pahat, Johor, quickly went viral across various social media platforms following its immediate posting.

Shared within the Facebook group Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers (MSBC) 马新过境者, the video garnered significant attention from netizens who voiced their opinions on the matter.

In the brief three-second clip, the blue Singapore-registered Citroen is seen making a sudden lane change without signaling, resulting in the collision with the motorcyclist.

According to District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Ismail Dollah, the incident took place at 1.45 pm, with the 52-year-old Singaporean motorist filing a police report at the Yong Peng station approximately three hours later, as reported by local news outlet New Straits Times.

While the motorcyclist involved has yet to file a report, authorities are urging them to do so promptly.

Public opinion split on responsibility for collision

Subsequently, the incident drew significant criticism towards both the Singaporean driver and the motorcyclist.

Commenters flooded the Facebook page with their opinions on who was at fault.

Many directed negative comments towards the Singaporean driver, citing their failure to signal the lane change and their misuse of the emergency lane as primary concerns.

However, some also criticized the motorcyclist for allegedly riding at excessive speed.

Several netizens expressed the view that blame lay with both parties, emphasizing the lack of signaling by the car driver and the motorcyclist’s alleged speeding.

Among the critiques aimed at the Singaporean driver’s conduct on Malaysian roads, one netizen highlighted that reckless driving transcends nationality and is instead a matter of individual behavior behind the wheel.

“It’s irrelevant which license plate they have, both are at fault. Why resort to using the emergency lane? So impatient.”

“It’s not just Singaporeans, even Malaysians misuse motorcycle lanes.”

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