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Dragon mural put up at Tampines North HDB Block for CNY removed

A couple’s attempt to spread cheer at Tampines North HDB with a CNY dragon mural faced swift removal. While MP Baey Yam Keng supported it, but protocol breach led to removal. Tampines Town Council emphasizes approval necessity for public displays.



SINGAPORE: An attempt to spread festive cheer at a Tampines North HDB block turned into a brief but notable episode when a dragon mural, displayed to celebrate Chinese New Year (CNY), was swiftly removed.

The mural, fashioned by a couple residing in the Tampines GreenVines Build-To-Order project, adorned a wall at the lift lobby of Block 640B Tampines Street 62.

Crafted with white vinyl stickers, the artwork aimed to commemorate the Year of the Dragon and foster neighbourly connections in their newly inhabited locale.

The husband, who spoke to The Straits Times (ST), expressed that their intention was to uplift the neighbourhood ambience. Spending considerable time designing and assembling the mural, the couple drew inspiration from the iconic Toa Payoh dragon playground.

Tampines GRC MP Baey Yam Keng, upon learning about the mural on 5 February, described it as “sweet” and “nice,” expressing initial support for its temporary display till the conclusion of CNY.

Nevertheless, despite efforts to keep the mural intact, it was removed within two days, as Mr Baey’s suggestion did not reach the cleaner in time.

Tampines Town Council clarified that the stickers were removed due to a breach in protocol, as formal approval was not sought beforehand.

After adhering to cleaning and upkeep guidelines, a cleaner then removed the stickers.

However, the council stated that if the couple decides to reapply the stickers, they can remain until the end of CNY.

The council emphasized the necessity of obtaining approvals to ensure compliance with regulations and to balance varying requirements for public exhibitions.

Criteria for evaluating such requests include ensuring that decorations do not overcrowd communal spaces or obstruct safety indicators.

According to its regulations, alterations to communal property, such as removal, destruction, damage, or vandalism, are prohibited. The town council reserves the right to recover expenses incurred in restoring the damaged property from the responsible party.

Mr Baey acknowledged the importance of maintaining decorum while encouraging community involvement, emphasizing the need for a case-by-case approach in addressing such matters.

Residents expressed disappointment over the removal, citing the mural’s role in fostering a sense of belonging and community spirit within the block.

The Instagram account that posted the image of the decoration wrote in its update: “The dragon wall mural was unfortunately short-lived and only lasted 2 days before being prematurely removed by Town Council workers. Strange that they are so proactive in enforcing the rules for such initiatives to improve the community but don’t proactively remove the many advertisements defacing the walls of the lift lobby and lifts.”

One Instagram user wrote, “The outcome is pathetic and is blindly following the “by-laws” without an appreciation of the spirit of the law. The intent (or some call it spirit of the law” is not to catch well meaning residents doing something for the community. No wonder Singapore ranks so lowly on innovation and enterprise! Shame on whoever that decided on the removal.”

Another wrote, “Inflexibility or bylaws? The big rethink of Singapore seems to be imminent. When the MP who runs the TC allows it but the word isn’t pushed down.”

The episode echoes a previous controversy in 2023 when the red-themed aesthetics of Block 640B garnered mixed reactions from residents.

Block 640B is one of the 11 blocks within the Tampines GreenVines project, each characterized by three distinct colour themes.

Following public feedback, efforts were made to address concerns and repaint certain areas.

As of 6 February, HDB reported that 1,227 out of the total 1,271 units in the Tampines GreenVines project have been taken up, and 1,198 households have collected their keys, reflecting continued demand for HDB housing in Singapore.

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This is a clear demonstration of how rigid and how screwed up Singapore authorities remain since lky regime. Everything must be kissed and endorsed by bureaucracy before permission is granted to do anything. Creativity, spontaneity, innovative spirit, pioneering culture – all will have to be sacrificed at the altar of pap bureaucracy! Just look at the pathetic state of our national football teams langering in the tight fisted hands of pap bureaucrats!

their ownself check ownself rules banned dragons? bigots!!!

These PAP run TC can be so swift to remove just a mural but cannot seem to be just as swift ,to remove clutter along common corridor!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

Anyway, notice no news about accountability of how the stupid theming the block completely in RED could had happened. Ownself big fuxkup Ownself, now very conscious of the appearance the block, hor?

Within 2 days can catch couple putting up mural. But several years also blur to high profile money laundering by foreign HNWIs and corruption by MIW. The sad state of the current pappies’ competency, indeed.

This is so sad. 😭What a tremendous gesture to share with the community the festive Chinese New Year and the auspicious symbol of the dragon has been thrown into the bin using by laws of the TC. It only shows the lack of a common sense approach as the implementation could have been done after the Chap Go Mei and not before the New Year. Hopefully this is not a racist act. Nevertheless I wish the sharing couple a healthy and wealthy Lunar New Year. I am sure your good deeds will be rewarded Wishing Terry, management of Gutzy Asia… Read more »

What’s unknown and unspoken officially SG is no longer a place for Chinese Malays Indians and ‘others’.

Wong Kan Seng said boldly just bcz SGpns hear a lot of foreign voices means a lot of foreigners here in SG.

And prominently Mrs Loong scolded locals being racists when they speak about India Indians.

Whats to conclude here, Sheeps?

Is this the anti racial harmony which the PAP Administration didn’t want to publicise (obviously?)?

Apparently one must always been in delusional state painted by the PAP Administration claiming SG relationships among various races are good – but the big elephant 🐘 is for donkey of years the PAP has downplayed IT IS NO LONGER Malays, Chinese, Indians Composition, & they DECLINE DECLINE & DECLINE intentionally to highlight and elaborate – Sheepland is a Mini United Nations blended with trash.