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Malaysian woman robbed, netizens blame carelessness for leaving gate open

Malaysian woman in Mentakab falls victim to daylight robbery after bank visit; CCTV footage goes viral. Despite her distress, netizens criticize her for perceived carelessness, highlighting the open gate and car door as she attended chores.



MALAYSIA: A daylight robbery occurred on January 31 when a Malaysian woman fell victim to a thief shortly after returning home from the bank.

The incident unfolded in Mentakab, Pahang, and the subsequent CCTV footage was widely circulated on various social media platforms, sparking a viral response.

Unfortunately, rather than expressing sympathy, some netizens opted to criticize the woman, attributing the incident to her perceived carelessness.

The footage reveals the woman arriving home with her house gate open.

As she exited her car to attend to chores on the porch, she left her car door ajar.

A white Myvi car pulled up, and a man quickly approached her vehicle, snatching an envelope of cash.

The woman’s children, who were still in the car, screamed in distress, while she attempted to confront the robber, who ultimately managed to escape.

The majority of online users criticized the woman, deeming her careless for not closing her house gate upon returning home.


“Things like this also need to be taught?”

“Stupid! You are looking for trouble.”

“She’s careless, serves her right.”

A netizen chimed in with a reminder, stating, “She even got time to hang her clothes, so dangerous. Please always make sure to lock your car, close the gate, and close the car door.”


However, amidst the blame directed at the woman, there were comments condemning this as ‘victim blaming.’

“I see a lot of comments slamming the woman, but isn’t it you all who are always against victim blaming?”

The netizen argued that the woman has the right to decide whether to close her gate or not, emphasizing that she did not consent to the intruder entering her property.

“She did not react right away, possibly because she was in shock, trauma, and scared,” she added.


Expressing disappointment with other commenters, another netizen stated, “Why are you victim blaming? That is her house. You should curse and blame the robber instead.”


Meanwhile, a few observant netizens highlighted that the Myvi car used by the robber had been tailing the woman from the beginning of the video.

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