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Malaysian family thwarts alleged Rohingya break-in, incident sparks outrage

A Malaysian family captured a Rohingya couple behaving suspiciously near their home. The incident, shared on social media, sparked concerns about rising foreigner-related criminal cases in the area, fueling calls for stricter measures or repatriation.



MALAYSIA: A Malaysian family returning from an evening out faced a startling incident when they observed a Rohingya couple behaving suspiciously near their front gate on 31 January, around 9.59 pm in Taman Jujur, Sikamat, Negeri Sembilan.

The entire episode was captured by a dashcam belonging to the family, who later shared the footage on their X page to highlight the issue.

The Rohingya couple, accompanied by a small child, arrived on a motorcycle and stopped in front of the house.

In the video, a woman is seen approaching the front gate discreetly, while the man remains on the motorcycle with the child.

When confronted by the family, the couple simply smiled and claimed they had mistaken the house for someone else’s.

The woman, commenting on the X post thread, questioned why they would attempt to open the gate if they were at the wrong house and also noted that they didn’t offer a greeting at all.

She urged others to be cautious as foreigners in the area were becoming more brazen.

The family reported the incident to the police on 1 February.

Netizens in the comments voiced their discontent with the actions of foreigners in the area.

One user recognized the face of the foreign man, asserting that he had previously attempted to steal a motorcycle near a mart in the vicinity.

Another commenter mentioned the bad behavior of foreign children in the area, to which the original poster (OP) agreed, citing an incident where her brother was spat at by foreign children.

According to comments, the area has always had foreigners, but recent criminal cases involving them have raised concerns.

A netizen questioned whether the motorcycle belonged to the man and if he had a license, pointing out that logically, Rohingya in Malaysia might not be able to afford motorcycles.

The incident has triggered outrage among netizens, with many calling for serious action against foreigners in Malaysia or their repatriation, citing increased problems and a sense of insecurity among Malaysians in their own country.

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