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Malaysian discovers house gate pillar is hollow after dramatic topple

In Johor, a man discovered his house’s gate pillar was hollow, filled with garbage. Online outrage accused profit greed, compelling the developer to commit to covering repair costs.



MALAYSIA: A quiet day in Kluang, Johor turned into a scene of shock and disbelief for one Malaysian resident as a neighbour’s house gate came crashing down unexpectedly.

What added insult to injury was the revelation that the sturdy-looking gate pillar was, in fact, hollow, stuffed with nothing but garbage and cement bags.

The incident, shared by Facebook user Razali Jamari on 5 January, sent ripples of concern through social media, sparking a discourse about construction standards and ethical practices in the housing industry.

Mr Razali’s post, accompanied by a telling image of the fallen gate, highlighted not just a single unfortunate incident but a potentially widespread issue affecting numerous households in the vicinity.

“To all developers across Malaysia, if you want to maximise profits, please avoid such practices. The homeowner was almost hit by that fence.”

“The fence posts are filled with rubbish! This is in Taman Putrimas Kluang, Johor,” he wrote.

Moreover, upon closer inspection, it became apparent that this was not an isolated case.

Razali, driven by curiosity and a hint of concern, mentioned that he decided to inspect nearby houses, only to realize that numerous others faced a similar situation: their gate pillars were hollow.

Community backlash prompts developer action

After the incident, online users supported Razali’s plea for action, encouraging him to inform the authorities about the developer accountable for the poor construction.

The consensus among concerned citizens was clear – such unscrupulous practices not only endanger lives but also erode trust in an already fragile housing market.

Others stated that it’s best to check other structures in the house as well for fear that they were done poorly as well.

One user suggested, “You should also inspect the roof section. It’s possible that the upper frame isn’t strong enough. In less than 10 years, the roof could collapse.”

“It’s also likely because the developer wants to make a big profit,” the user added.

Many had urged Razali to pursue action against the developer.

Razali replied that he would have, but he mentioned that currently, the developer has displayed some initiative in addressing the problem.

Inspections were conducted, and it was found that many gate pillars in the area exhibited similar deficiencies.

Under the umbrella of warranty, the developer pledged to cover the costs of repairs, signalling a step in the right direction towards rectifying the oversight.

“After they were “attacked” by buyers, the developer inspected each house’s gate pillars one by one. Many were problematic. Since the houses are still under warranty, the developer bears all responsibility,” he wrote.

As workers scrambled to undo the damage, Razali likened their efforts to that of “cockroaches,” underscoring the diligence with which the repairs were being undertaken.

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lol. made in china gates? or the contractors all china standard?

More than just inspecting the pillars of every house, home owners should demand a full inspection for the whole house at the expense of the developer.

To me, if the developer could dastardly fill the pillar with rubbish to save money and earn a bigger profit without thought for the safety of the home owners, it is very likely the same attitude pervades when building the house proper.

The proper authorities should come down hard on the developer.

Johore/Kluang Commissioner of Lands or Johore State Council can immediately gantung his developer licence. Trust is lost!

Before withholding his licence, asked him to appoint a contractor to restore the damages and to declare all areas of deficiencies in the house built.

Any subsequent discoveries undeclared will see him in court.

It looks like all houses n condominiums in Malaysia are done this way. Where is the certification by engineers n architects?

That is why the contracts must include specific descriptors of deliverables.
That is why having interior designers with experience, reliability is important
That is why having cheap-cheap is not a good criteria
That is why being lazy with money is dangerous.
That is why PAP always will win

70% are stupid people
20% are not
10% are protected