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Malaysian man takes stand against sexual misconduct, sparks mixed reactions

A courageous Malaysian confronts sexual misconduct in a viral video, sparking societal discussions. His stand prompts diverse reactions, shedding light on prevailing perceptions and attitudes toward such issues.



MALAYSIA: Sexual harassment within the same gender is often trivialized in today’s society, dismissed as a mere “joke” without acknowledging its severity.

A viral video from Malaysia sheds light on this issue, emphasizing that men are also susceptible to such misconduct.

Shared by the MALAYSIAVIRALLL X page, the video has amassed 2.4 million views since its posting on 27 January.

The footage features a man confronting a foreign individual who frequently sends and shows inappropriate media through video calls.

The caption reads, “You chose the wrong person to be sexually harassed.”

The video begins with the man holding a steel-like rod, warning the foreigner about sending inappropriate pictures.

He asserts, “If you send me inappropriate pictures again, I will teach you a lesson. I will break your face!”

The foreign man apologizes and leaves the scene.

The man reiterates that he will resort to violence if the harassment continues.

Shouting, “Do you think I am gay just because I am soft?” the man emphasizes his boundaries and warns against further harassment.

As he exits the market premises, he questions, “Do you think I am a male escort?”

The video concludes with this stern warning.

The post garnered diverse reactions from netizens, revealing a disappointing lack of seriousness in addressing the issue.

Some made light of the man’s situation, even resorting to shaming him for being ‘soft.’

Fortunately, others condemned these insensitive comments, emphasizing that sexual harassment among men should be taken as seriously as incidents involving women.

One netizen expressed concern about the increasing cases of sexual harassment in Malaysia, attributing it to the insensitivity of certain netizens.

The comment also highlighted the potential danger of allowing foreigners to behave without consequences, suggesting it could lead to harassment against local women.

The man in the video disclosed on 27 January via X that he had made a police report regarding the issue.

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