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PDRM discloses driver’s psychiatric issues in viral video of her blocking ambulance

Following investigation, Malaysian authorities reveal that the driver featured in a viral video depicting an ambulance being blocked in transit, has psychiatric issues. Netizens respond with diverse opinions.



MALAYSIA: On 25 January, a video circulated online showing a Toyota Camry not giving way to an ambulance in a rush to reach its destination.

The next day, 26 January, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) released an official statement, revealing that the Toyota Camry driver is a 41-year-old woman suffering from psychiatric issues.

In response to the incident, the police took her into custody to assist with their investigation.

Subsequently, she was admitted to Kuala Lumpur Hospital for treatment, and the police are actively seeking her medical report for further insights.

The official statement clarified that the ambulance was returning from a hospital to transport a critically ill patient to their residence.

The widely circulated video had stirred questions and anger among netizens, who observed the Toyota Camry driver purposefully changing lanes and obstructing the ambulance’s path.

Despite the ambulance’s audible warnings, including sirens and lights, the Toyota Camry driver persisted in impeding its progress, prompting the use of a loudspeaker to request the right of way.

The revelation that the Toyota Camry driver suffered from psychiatric issues generated diverse reactions from netizens.

Many expressed concerns that a person with mental health challenges should not be operating a vehicle, asserting that this poses a risk of future accidents if driving privileges are not restricted.

The online community also voiced calls for the revocation of her driver’s license.

At the same time, a significant portion of netizens are inclined to believe that in cases where cars fail to yield to ambulances, individuals often present a range of excuses to evade punishment, citing reasons such as hearing impairment or mental health issues.

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