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User shares experience of overcharges on SimplyGo due to missed entries

As SimplyGo sparks user concerns over balance visibility issues and overcharging, a Facebook user’s revelations of missed entries and potential losses spur sharing of similar experiences.



SimplyGo failed to deducted fare and end up overcharged user.

SINGAPORE: Controversy and criticism have arisen surrounding the Land Transport Authority’s decision on SimplyGo due to the app’s inability to display the user card balance.

This has left public transport users questioning how they can verify if their balance has been deducted correctly, leading to concerns about potential double payments or overcharging.

A Facebook user named Sharon took to her Facebook page on 24 January to address the matter.

Prompted by the ongoing SimplyGo controversy, she decided to check her SimplyGo App, a task she hadn’t undertaken since 2019/2020 when she transitioned to using her credit card on her phone.

To her surprise, she discovered instances where entries were missed, resulting in overcharges exceeding S$2 (US$1.5).

Sharon emphasized the necessity of regularly checking the app to ensure that the system deducts the correct fare from users’ accounts.

Concerned about the frequency of such incidents, she speculated on potential losses, noting that if this happened once a month over the last three years, the cumulative impact could be close to S$100 (US$74.65).

If occurring weekly, the overcharges could amount to almost S$500 (US$373.23).

Sharon shared a silver lining, mentioning that filing a claim is a straightforward process.

However, she also highlighted a time constraint, urging users to find out the period between discovering an error and being able to submit a claim.

In a subsequent update, Sharon expressed shock at finding 2-3 missed entries in both September and November.

sharon simplygo

Realizing the urgency, she stressed the need to check and file claims promptly.

She also shared that claims cannot be filed for entries older than two months, recounting her inability to file for missed entries in November.

Netizens share SimplyGo experiences, expressing concerns and solutions

Netizens engaged in discussions under Sharon’s post, sharing various experiences with the SimplyGo system.

One user recounted instances when the card failed to register his exit from the bus, resulting in maximum charges for short trips.

He also mentioned how EZ-Link promptly alerted him to the issue, although he admitted to never formally complaining due to the time-consuming process.


Another user added to the conversation, mentioning that she had verified her transactions and found them to be correct.

However, she observed a substantial increase in her fare, raising concerns about the unexpected rise.


Yet another user contributed by sharing her experience of missing an exit and successfully requesting a refund, which was promptly processed the next day.

She reassured others that the refund process is not difficult, suggesting that having notifications or diligently checking after each trip could be effective.

Drawing a parallel to the learning curve of digital platforms and apps, she expressed confidence that users could quickly master the intricacies of the system.


Chee Hong Tat apologizes for LTA’s underestimation of commuters’ preference

Speaking at a doorstep interview on 26 January, Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat publicly apologized for the government’s decision to phase out traditional public transport payment cards, acknowledging the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) underestimation of some commuters’ strong preferences.

He stated, “If we had consulted more widely, and gathered views from a wider group of commuters before making the decision… we would have encountered stronger reactions and preferences that some commuters had expressed.”

The additional $40 million is projected to maintain the card-based ticketing system until at least 2030. Chee explained that this extension necessitates significant investment in new equipment, maintenance, and operating costs, which the government will cover without impacting bus and train fares.

Chee noted the technical challenges of integrating the fare display feature into SimplyGo, a problem that remains unresolved. He committed that the authorities would later decide whether to extend the card-based system beyond 2030, based on the technical feasibility of SimplyGo displaying fares on payment readers.

The minister emphasized the government’s commitment to working with other agencies and industry partners to improve SimplyGo’s features and user experience. He acknowledged the absence of a current technical solution for the fare display issue but remained optimistic about finding one.

Members of Parliament rally to address SimplyGo concerns with probing questions

In response to the controversy surrounding SimplyGo, several Members of Parliament have submitted parliamentary questions addressing the matter, seeking clarification and improvements.

Dr Lim Wee Kiak took the initiative on 15 January, filing a parliamentary question regarding the implementation of SimplyGo based on feedback from his constituents.

His questions cover the number of reports on overcharged trips, the possibility of displaying card balances on fare readers, efforts to enhance the reliability of the SimplyGo app, and the potential postponement of the mandatory upgrade until compatibility with in-vehicle units is achieved.

Joan Pereira through her Facebook page emphasized the importance of listening to residents, highlighting the filing of her parliamentary question for the upcoming session in February.

She raised concerns about a full switch to SimplyGo, seeking information on measures to ensure platform and backend system reliability and security, the integration of a balance display function, and the possibility of continuing to accept older EZ-link cards.

Christopher de Souza also will be filing two Parliamentary Questions. His inquiries focused on the reasoning behind phasing out the card-based ticketing system and ways to inform commuters of their fare and balance at the point of tapping out without causing delays.

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My simplygo money balance Google Wallet is simply gone! I topped up $50, transaction history showed only $22 used, but left only $5 odd. $17 simply gone!! I sent all the supporting evidence to ezlink customer service but it is going to be anything but ez! Now ezlink or transitlink or simplygo keep sending me looooong smses just to tell me I have $2.40 balance! Brevity! Please!

Forget about “phishing” scams, telephone scams, sale scams…etc.

The ruling government is already primed and ready to scam the average Singaporean through a soon to be opaque public transport fares and charges.

Only in uniquely Singapore can an open and transparent transaction between the customer and a supposedly “private” companies become opaque through government intervention.

Luckily this commuter had the courage to share the mistake of the system.
Will someone’s transaction record be accidentally erased due to “human error”??

Humans do make errors and thus traceability or accountability or audit or check and balance is always needed. But some people base on Believing. Very innocent or naive.

Not bad for fiasco leh. Promoted to chief? Waswaran or Is?

India IT super good one. Are they involved?

lta is going to incur $40 million from now to 2030 …..or $7/- plus million a year or the existing system. So what have you in mind to buy or to expense? Pse itemize them so we have a sense of where lta is heading,

you you can also itemize how much did you spend on ‘simply don’t go’ and how lta can recoup this loss of TAXPAYERS MONEY?

check review on GooglePlay. happening for a long time but never fix.

Imagine 300k commuter overcharge by 2.00 ?

Wa ,took mrt also need to pay ERP .

If users cheat the system, will he be liable to pay a penalty if found out? Shouldn’t same be applied if the system cheat? So why only refund?


Suddenly PAP MPs have so many questions…
The greatest show begins…
A melodrama awaits…

books your tickets now….
oh… wait… you’ve paid for the tickets oready…with 9%GST…

I fucking bet you this fucking Sharon is a fucking oppie making up.this fucking story to malign our government. Someone is going to make a police report against her for fabrication. She should be charged in court for causing public disturbances and maligning our government!!

It is frightening to realise that commuters on the SimplyGo system may have been overcharged without them knowing since many hardly bother to check the app. That the claim period for overcharges is limited to 2 months means older incidents are total losses. Can CHT release information on the overcharging incidents? How much has SimplyGo “earned” from such overcharges past the 2 months claim period. And where does such money go to? Those giving feedback on the claim process say it is a straightforward one and refunds were promptly given. Could it be because such claims are low compared to… Read more »

It obviously doesn’t work if you have to do so much of scrutiny and have to make claims.