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Outrage over Malaysian woman’s TikTok video of karaoke lunches & insider hiring

A Malaysian woman’s shocking revelation on TikTok, casually admitting to securing a government job through connections or ‘cable,’ has triggered widespread online outrage over the perceived unfairness in the hiring process.



MALAYSIA: A recent TikTok video featuring a Malaysian woman claiming employment in a government sector has sparked online outrage.

In the video, she boldly declares her ability to enjoy karaoke every Friday, thanks to her three-hour lunch break.

However, the video gained notoriety not only for her leisurely lunchtime activities but also for her admission of securing the job through insider help, with her mother serving as the insider connection.

Although the TikTok video has since been deleted due to the overwhelming negative comments, screenshots of the remarks continue to circulate.

One post on X, in particular, garnered 7.1 million views after being shared on 23 January.

In the screenshot, a commenter inquired about the woman’s workplace and the process to apply for a position with such a lengthy Friday lunch break.

The woman disclosed her workplace and casually admitted, “I got accepted with the help of an insider,” specifying that her mother facilitated her entry into the position.

She further revealed her employment status as a contract worker under Malaysia’s Short-term Employment Programme (MySTEP).

A 24 January report by the New Straits Times disclosed that the woman is no longer employed at the mentioned government agency, as her contract concluded last year.

She issued an apology for her imprudent actions, clarifying that the video was recorded in September 2023 and intended solely for fun, showcasing the environment of her workplace.

The revelation in the viral sharing had left netizens astounded and angered at the government’s recruitment system.

While the use of connections, often referred to as the ‘cable,’ is well known to be practised in both government and non-government sectors, many expressed frustration over unsuccessful attempts to secure government positions without such connections.

Many individuals expressed their frustration, having made numerous attempts to secure government positions through interviews without success, while those leveraging the ‘cable’ seemingly had an easier time.

Adding to the discontent, those selected through the ‘cable’ method often appear to be less engaged in their roles compared to individuals who earned their positions through hard work and merit.

“Using cable? Is this not considered as bribery? So proud of showing herself that she got the job through cables and not for her talents and qualifications,” a comment expresses frustration.


A commenter with a sarcastic tone said, “She is so lucky to have connections, whereas us with no connections applied for MyStep, SPA so many times and got rejected.”


“Such a pity for those who work hard in their studies to secure government jobs but did not manage to get it because of the existence of ‘cable.’

The commenter added that this is the reason why government sectors are ‘damaged,’ and non-government sector workers work like crazy to pay taxes, unlike those in government sectors who had it easy with increments and bonuses.


Another commenter said, “All companies mostly use ‘cable,’ but she was not smart to openly admit that she was hired because of a ‘cable’ connection.”


Another one voiced similar opinions as the previous comments, stating that they have a lot of friends using ‘cable’ to get their jobs but did not openly share on social media, unlike the woman, and that her actions will surely get her in trouble.


Someone is of the opinion that these types of employees need to be fired for bad work ethic, presumably referring to the woman having a three-hour lunch break.


A humorous comment also joined in, “What is more important is that she never takes off her lanyard even when she went to karaoke.”

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