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Indonesia unveils world’s second shortest flight, Just 73 seconds long

Indonesia unveils its second shortest flight, just 73 seconds, linking remote Papuan villages, offering scenic vistas and a brief yet memorable experience.



INDONESIA – Indonesia proudly introduces the world’s second shortest flight, a remarkable 73-second journey connecting remote villages in Papua.

The route, spanning from Kegata Village in Piyaiye Sub-district, Dogiyai District, Central Papua Province, to its neighbouring village, Apowo, offers passengers a brief yet breathtaking experience above the rugged landscapes of Papua.

(Source: Instagram/@kemenparenkraf.ri)

Surpassing global expectations with its brevity, the flight trails only behind the legendary route from Westray to Papa Westray in Scotland, which clocks in at a mere 53 seconds, making it the shortest flight globally.

The news surfaced through a YouTube video shared by @jafaronlinecoid and re-uploaded by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (@kemenparekraf.ri) on Instagram, highlighting the awe-inspiring journey adorned by the natural wonders of Papua.

Operated using the resilient Pilatus Porter aircraft, renowned for its adaptability to rugged terrains, the flight accommodates seven to eight passengers per trip, showcasing the prowess of Swiss engineering in challenging environments like Papua.

While the flight duration barely exceeds a minute, passengers are treated to captivating vistas of Papua’s lush greenery, meandering through dense forests and majestic mountains, offering a glimpse into the region’s pristine natural beauty.

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