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Sixth flash flood in a month claims elderly life in Sg Lembing, Kuantan

Sungai Lembing Town faced its sixth flash flood in a month, resulting in the tragic death of an elderly man swept away by a strong current while crossing a water-covered road around 7 pm on Wednesday night.



PAHANG, MALAYSIA: Within a short span of a month, sixth flash flood occurred in Sungai Lembing Town near Kuantan, Pahang, as reported by local media.

Tragically, an elderly man lost his life in this unfortunate incident, marking the first flood-related fatality in Sungai Lembing in almost three decades.

According to Utusan Malaysia, the victim was identified as Lee Yie Chong, a 62-year-old owner of a 3D art exhibition gallery.

The incident occurred when he was swept away by a strong current while attempting to cross a water-covered road in the town at around 7 pm on Wednesday (24 January) night.

Lee’s lifeless body was discovered around 12:45 am on 25 Jan, stranded in the drainage area of Kampung Jelihan, approximately 100 meters from where he was initially swept away.

Assistant Commissioner Wan Mohd. Zahari Wan Busu, the District Police Chief, reported that at 7:20 pm, Sungai Lembing Police Station received information about the victim seeking help, trapped in the flash flood near the 3D shop in Sungai Lembing town.

“A team of officers from Sungai Lembing Police Station rushed to the scene and successfully rescued a woman, Kwong Kwai Fun, 63, and her son, Kwong Kwai Heu, 37, who were trapped in the flash flood.”

Wan Mohd. Zahari mentioned that the rescue team was informed about Yie Chong going missing while they were trying to cross a road submerged by water flowing down from the hillside and the overflow of Sungai Lembing.

“Preliminary investigations revealed that before the incident, the family was cleaning and relocating belongings to the upper floor of the shop due to the flash flood in Sungai Lembing, caused by continuous rainfall since 3 pm. ”

“After closing the shop, they waded through floodwaters to their car parked at a higher spot across the road to return home.”

“While crossing the floodwater at waist level, the victim expressed fatigue, and when his wife looked back, she found him missing, believed to be swept away by the swift current,” he said.

Following the discovery of the victim, the search and rescue operation was promptly concluded.

“So far, the case is classified as sudden death,” he said.

The flash flood began yesterday afternoon due to heavy rainfall since 3 pm, causing river water to overflow into the town area, while water from the surrounding hills inundated the roads and lanes around the town.

According to the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS) website, the water level of Sungai Lembing surpassed the danger level, reaching 39.88 meters compared to the set level of 34 meters as of 7 pm on Wednesday.

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