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Abandoned cats found in luggage bags at Penang eatery sparks outrage

Shocking footage reveals distressed cats abandoned in zipped luggage bags at a Penang eatery. Netizens express outrage, slamming the heartless act, while praising compassionate rescuers for their swift intervention and care.



MALAYSIA: A startling incident unfolded recently at the parking area of a local eatery in Penang, Malaysia, as three abandoned luggage bags were discovered by the eatery’s management, each harboring nearly 10 distressed cats.

The revelation, captured on video and shared on 23 January by a TikTok user, quickly gained viral traction, accumulating 4 million views as of the latest update.

In the footage, the video uploader stated that a car entered. the parking area around 8.30 pm and left after 15 minutes.

The following discovery occurred at 3 am when the eatery staff stumbled upon the unattended luggage bags.

Prompted by curiosity, they inspected the bags, revealing the cats inside, some confined within the lid compartment, hindering their movements.

Heartbreakingly, the cats exhibited signs of distress, evident in their defecation and urination within the bags.

Expressing his frustration, the video uploader criticized the individual responsible, suggesting that if they were unable to care for the cats, they should have honestly sought help rather than resorting to abandonment.

He commended the staff for rescuing the cats, even though they were initially unseen but trapped within the luggage bags.

Concluding the video, the man asserted that while he may not be wealthy, he won’t be too poor to take care of the cats.

Online communities echoed their anger towards the perpetrator, speculating that it might not have been the owner but possibly neighbors who abandoned the cats, considering the presence of collars.

Some shared their own experiences of losing cats to neighbors who took and abandoned them elsewhere.

Netizens expressed gratitude towards the rescuers, applauding their compassion, and extended wishes for good health and prosperity.


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