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Online outrage as Sabahan students endure muddy conditions to attend school

Sabahan officials are urged to enhance education accessibility and improve roads for students. Viral videos depict students wading through mud, staying overnight to attend school, prompting calls for immediate action.



MALAYSIA: The plight of primary school students in Sabah, Malaysia, has stirred emotions online as videos depicting their challenging journey through mud to reach school went viral.

A teacher from Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Magandai in Kota Marudu shared the footage on her Facebook page, shedding light on the daily struggles her students face.

The impactful videos were subsequently shared on the Daily Express Malaysia X page, amassing 2.2 million views since being posted on 20 January.

The footage captured four students, entirely covered in mud, navigating barefoot through muddy terrain following heavy rainfall.

Shockingly, it was disclosed that the students had to halt overnight, enduring these harsh conditions to continue their journey to school the next day.

Despite their challenging circumstances, the students managed to display smiles when the teacher inquired about their feelings.

However, two of them admitted to feeling hungry and cold amidst their muddy trek.

The online community responded with a flood of comments on both the original and shared posts, expressing heartbreak and anger at witnessing young children having to traverse muddy paths for their education.

Many netizens questioned the whereabouts of authorities responsible for ensuring accessible education, particularly for young children in primary schools.

Some voiced disbelief that such circumstances could occur in Malaysia.

In response to the viral post, Sabah’s Minister of Finance addressed the issue, revealing plans for a 40km road from Kampung Tondig to SK Magandai.

Additionally, as a temporary solution, he proposed the construction of a hostel for students living at a considerable distance from the school.

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