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7-Eleven Singapore to trial cashierless check-out at Esplanade MRT Station

7-Eleven launches ‘7-Eleven Shop & Go,’ a cashierless store in Esplanade Xchange. Using AI tech, it’s Singapore’s first automated self-checkout in an MRT station.



SINGAPORE: 7-Eleven is set to revolutionize the shopping experience with the launch of its cashierless store concept, 7-Eleven Shop & Go.

Situated within Esplanade Xchange, the self-checkout store uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to record customer purchases, offering shoppers a glimpse into the future of retail.

According to Stellar Lifestyle, the store is also the first automated self-checkout store in an MRT station in Singapore.

To enter the store, customers simply need to tap their credit card on the barrier gantry. A nominal fee is charged to verify the card, which is then offset against their purchase or refunded in the absence of any purchase.

The store, equipped with smart cameras, deep learning, and multi-sensor fusion technologies, allows customers to pick up their desired items and exit seamlessly, with the purchase amount automatically charged to their credit card.

Known as Hive 2.0, the hub was launched on Monday (22 Jan), offering retailers the opportunity to explore innovative retail concepts in a relatively low-risk environment, as reported by 8world News.

The store’s opening was also announced on Facebook by SMRT on the same day.


A six-month trial of cashierless convenience and robot-assisted deliveries

Serene Seow, the managing director of 7-Eleven Singapore, expressed excitement about the venture: “The 7-Eleven Shop & Go store will run for a minimum of six months while we gather and review feedback.

“We have set a limit of five shoppers within the store to ensure a comfortable shopping experience, and we will continue to monitor and adjust this limit, if necessary,” she said.

While the store is currently limited to a maximum of five shoppers at a time, adjustments may be made based on feedback.

7-Eleven is also open to expanding the accepted payment options if the trial proves successful and is scaled up in the future

In addition, the store serves not only as a technological feat but also as a convenience for office workers at the South Beach Development above the station.

Utilizing the QuikBot app, these workers can order items from the store and have their purchases delivered to their offices by robots.

The QuikBot’s delivery robots will autonomously transport purchases, consolidating orders on larger robots with a fleet of smaller ones, seamlessly navigating lifts, gantries, and multiple buildings to deliver items directly to office floors.

These robots will exchange items with each other to optimise logistics efficiency and they will self-navigate on common corridors as they move between Esplanade MRT and South Beach Tower.


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