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Netizens playfully mock Chinatown’s bizarre dragon statue design

Chinatown’s Year of the Dragon statue disappoints some Singaporeans, sparking criticism on social media. Playful comments note its resemblance to the “pen pineapple apple pen” guy.




SINGAPORE: Chinese New Year is swiftly approaching and is scheduled for 10 February 2024.

In preparation for the festivities, Chinatown has organized a Chinese New Year bazaar spanning from 19 January to 9 February, culminating on the eve of the festival.

This year marks the transition from the Year of the Rabbit to the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac, where each year is associated with a different animal.

The dragon holds immense cultural significance in Chinese tradition, embodying notions of power, good fortune, and strength.

Despite the profound cultural importance attached to dragons, the dragon statue erected in Chinatown this year has stirred disappointment among some Singaporeans.

The much-anticipated symbol seems to have fallen short of expectations, as evidenced by a photo shared on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page (18 Jan).

The accompanying caption succinctly expresses dissatisfaction: “The Chinatown Dragon is up. I don’t want to comment. You all see for yourselves.”


This unexpected twist in the portrayal of the dragon has sparked conversations within the community, adding an intriguing layer to the anticipation and celebration surrounding the auspicious Year of the Dragon.

Criticism arises over the disappointing design

The post, which garnered more than 1.8 thousand likes, 780 shares, and 649 comments, has sparked criticism among Singaporeans regarding the view from the dragon.

Expressing disappointment, one user pointed out that the dragon, especially its head, is poorly designed.

They questioned how such low standards were allowed, expressing concern about the display in Chinatown and foreseeing a less-than-ideal year for the government due to the unimpressive dragon head.


Recall the glorious celebrations of yesteryears

Another user lamented the trend of dull and simple decorations nowadays, contrasting it with the grand and exciting festive displays of older days.

They reminisced about the vibrant vibes that accompanied previous celebrations and the anticipation that came with capturing photos of the elaborate decorations.


Inquiring about the decline in the quality of the artwork, another user asked what happened to the years of proudly presented and beautiful Chinese artwork.


Another suggestion emerged, advocating for sticking to traditional designs if new concepts or designs cannot meet expectations.


Notably, amidst the criticisms, some users injected humour into the conversation.

One lightheartedly suggested that the dragon’s face resembles the “pen pineapple apple pen” guy.


While some comments express approval of the design, there are suggestions that the dragon’s head could be slightly larger to better convey its power.


Comparisons with past years and suggestions for improvement

The design of the dragon has prompted comparisons among netizens.

A user highlighted a stark contrast to the dragon from 12 years ago, describing it as more aesthetically pleasing and grand.


Tan Weiyang on Facebook

Further comparisons emerged, with one user contrasting the dragon from Singapore with that from Malaysia, questioning the allocation of funds for the respective designs.

Additionally, a suggestion was made for the organizers to engage the design group from Gardens by the Bay, praising their well-designed dragon.

garden by the bay dragon

Bak Kue on Facebook

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Even traditional Chinese lion dance can mixed with Malay dance and Indian dance,what can you expect from PAP designer,they doing this to appease Prime Minister cum Emperor Lee Hsien Loong when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is happy,they will be rewarded tremendously

How come Gutzy Asia never put the Takagi Ra-men offer 6 month free ramen for being Charged Iswaran. Pure Favouritism. So many out of job BUT dun have such treatment. Some are worst off then Iswaran … Tsk tsk tsk!

This is the alternate ego Loong Triad dragon. No?!?

What’s the fcuk? You call that a dragon🐉

Very very poor taste.

Who are the people behind – speaks volumes the way Sheeps has DIGRESSED with Stupid Sheep Heads.

Is this World Class – descriptory words the PAP Administration Politicians Controlled Media always never fail to over use to SELL Sheep world.

It’s pantomime season !!!, … or have the “initiators” forgotten what the “dragon” was ordered for !!!

Visitors from around the world will visit ChinaTown for the occasion, ambience and the chock~a~block environment, and will quickly realise that, … SillyPore and it’s people, do have a wicked sense of humour after all !!!

But honestly, the outline looks like the Kayu Son. Maybe they trying hard to PLP, dress the dragon in his likeness; after all this is his year.

Recall LawlanWong’s 880k rubbish bin center, which he said was well-designed, worth the cost, blah, blah, blah? Looks like kelong money again, then (as usual) Ownself Check Ownself, Ownself Approve Ownself.

Still remember AG audits by ex-WP Leon Pereira found discrepancies in public spending including procurement of CNY decorations amounting to hundreds of thousands dollars paid in cash to overseas suppliers cannot be accounted for?

Wondering all the recent years of very lousy and bad designs came from the same suppliers and if anything hanky panky happened under the table

That is a dragon? That sinister looking man with a pair of red stockinged legs stuck on his head and a big purple glob half covering his mouth?