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Malaysian woman followed at mall sparks public outrage and ministerial response

Malaysia’s Youth and Sports Minister, Hannah Yeoh, vows swift action after a woman reported being followed, facing a dismissive police response. Netizens express concerns over insufficient attention to stalking incidents, particularly those involving women.



MALAYSIA: A viral incident involving a Malaysian woman who claimed to have been followed while shopping at a Mont Kiara mall in Kuala Lumpur on 15 January has ignited a wave of outrage among netizens.

This outcry followed her recent update on the matter after she filed a police report, only to receive the dismissive response, “Maybe he likes you.”

The attention-grabbing post also reached Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh, prompting her to make a public commitment on her social media page to take decisive action to prevent a recurrence of such incidents.

In her post (18 Jan), Hannah revealed her intention to engage with the Officer in Charge of the Police District (OCPD) and the Officer in Charge of the Station (OCS) at the Mont Kiara Police Station, situated within her constituency.

She aims to ensure that officers undergo gender sensitivity training to prevent the perpetuation of such remarks and mindsets that might impede investigations and actions.

Alvy Joanna, the woman in the viral video and also a TikToker, clarified that she meticulously confirmed the man’s persistent following by strategically navigating through various shops.

According to a report by World of Buzz, even after confrontation, the man denied the allegations but continued trailing her.

Alvy then sought refuge in a nearby cafe, summoning a friend to join her there.

As of the current writing, Alvy’s post has amassed 2 million views, with netizens expressing both concern and anger over the police’s response and raising broader concerns about the safety of women.

However, contrasting opinions have surfaced, with some arguing against the necessity of making a police report since the woman was not physically harmed, and others suggesting that the man’s actions might be coincidental.

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