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Malaysian woman urged to report harassment as concerned netizens rally for action

Concerned netizens urge the woman to file a police report after a troubling incident captured in a viral TikTok video. Damansara Damai’s notorious reputation highlights the advice to avoid the area and opt for group jogging for enhanced safety.



MALAYSIA: A Malaysian woman shared a distressing incident on her TikTok page on 15 January when harassed by a male motorcyclist while jogging near Damansara Damai in Selangor, Malaysia.

The video caught the attention of concerned netizens advising her to file a police report against the man for engaging in inappropriate behavior.

In the TikTok footage, she mentioned the man had been following and circling the jogging area, prompting her to record for safety.

The man stopped in front of her, posing questions, escalating her fear.

Subsequently, the footage revealed the man engaging in inappropriate behavior before the woman, feeling threatened, turned the camera away and left.

Her caption read, “Please take care guys, Damansara Damai is not safe anymore.”

A netizen commented on the post, labeling Damansara Damai as the least safe Damansara area, advising others to steer clear.

Netizens also urged her to file a police report, and a majority of others emphasized the importance of avoiding solo jogging, particularly for women.

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