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Beggar’s disturbing attempt to open locked car in Malaysia prompts calls for action

A beggar’s alarming attempt to open a locked car door triggers concern. Netizens demand swift action from Malaysian authorities against refugees involved in crimes, emphasizing the need for immediate and strict measures.



MALAYSIA: A video capturing a beggar attempting to open a locked car door in Banting, Malaysia has raised concerns among netizens, gaining viral attention after being shared on X (formerly Twitter) on 16 January.

What adds to the disquiet is the revelation that the beggar, donned in a headscarf and a face mask, is suspected to be a man disguised as a woman.

The uploader noted that the facial features and hands of the beggar appear masculine, and there seems to be an anomaly in the chest area.

The video’s caption reads, “This is so scary, why is the Rohingya holding onto the car door for so long?”

It was pointed out that the beggar remained oblivious to being filmed from inside the car, possibly due to the tinted windows.

Netizens familiar with the incident location cautioned that Banting is considered a perilous area, advising others to exercise caution in the vicinity.

A Banting resident confirmed the beggar’s identity as a man, emphasizing that he is a familiar presence in the area and has previously been cautioned.

Concerned netizens urged fellow citizens to consistently lock their car doors.

Some expressed anger and apprehension, conveying a sense of unease about the presence of foreigners, even within their own country.

This sentiment underlines a broader concern for safety, with calls for authorities to take stringent action against refugees, particularly those involved in criminal activities.

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lol. does matlaysia also wanna bring in palestine refugees and see what happens?

“Black September Jordan”