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Fire breaks out in Telok Blangah flat: Two hospitalized, 60 evacuated

A fire in a Telok Blangah flat hospitalized two and forced 60 residents to evacuate. Quick response from SCDF contained the kitchen blaze; an investigation was underway.



SINGAPORE – A fire erupted in a Telok Blangah flat on Saturday (13 Jan), resulting in two individuals being hospitalized and approximately 60 residents evacuated.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) received an alert about the blaze at Block 44 Telok Blangah Drive around 3:40 pm.

The fire originated in the kitchen of an eighth-floor unit but was swiftly extinguished by firefighters using a water jet within five minutes, according to an SCDF spokesperson.

Collaborating with the police, SCDF successfully evacuated around 60 residents from adjacent units, including elderly individuals in wheelchairs, relocating them to the void deck.

Before SCDF arrived, seven people managed to escape the burning flat. Subsequently, one of them and a neighboring individual were evaluated for smoke inhalation by the SCDF and transported to the Singapore General Hospital.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

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There were many fire incidence happened in the past, but all still under investigation. How long these investigations going to take? Do you agree the sooner the findings the sooner we could learn from it!

How many more incidence we need? Shouldn’t it be better to know the causes and quickly prevent further incidence? Are SCDF recording all these fire as statistic only?

Is sg getting safer?