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Six nations, including Singapore, share title of world’s most powerful passport in 2024

The latest Henley Passport Index reveals a shift in 2024, as Singapore, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain now share the title of the world’s most powerful passport, each offering visa-free access to 194 destinations.



SINGAPORE – The latest Henley Passport Index, published on Wednesday (10 Jan), reveals that Singapore no longer holds the exclusive title of having the world’s most powerful passport in 2024, as six nations now share this coveted distinction.

France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Spain have emerged as passport powerhouses, boasting visa-free entry to an impressive 194 out of 227 travel destinations.

This marks a departure from 2023, when Singapore claimed the top spot with access to 192 destinations. Germany, Italy, and Spain followed closely with 190 destinations, while France and Japan secured third place with 189 destinations each, alongside Austria, Finland, Luxembourg, South Korea, and Sweden.

The United Kingdom now ranks joint fourth with access to 191 destinations, and the United States maintains joint seventh place with access to 188 destinations.

A decade ago, these two nations shared the pinnacle of passport power, indicating a shifting landscape in global mobility.

Examining the trajectory over the past decade, the Henley Passport Index highlights notable changes. The United Arab Emirates has witnessed the most substantial ascent, securing the 11th position with access to 183 destinations.

Meanwhile, China has climbed two spots to 62nd place, now enjoying visa-free access to 85 destinations, nearly double the figure from a decade ago.

Regional players Malaysia and Indonesia have also experienced positive shifts. Malaysia, in 12th place, added another destination, bringing its total to 182. Indonesia saw an increase from 76 to 78 destinations without a prior visa requirement.

Christian Kaelin, Chairman of immigration consultancy Henley & Partners, notes the overarching trend towards greater travel freedom.

However, he points out that the gap between the top and bottom of the list has widened significantly. The average number of visa-free destinations for travelers has nearly doubled, reaching 111 in 2024, compared to 58 in 2006.

As the new year unfolds, the top-ranked countries enjoy unparalleled travel privileges, with a staggering 166 more destinations visa-free than Afghanistan. Afghanistan remains at the bottom of the list, with access restricted to just 28 countries. Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, and Yemen round up the bottom five.

The Henley Passport Index, based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association, stands as a standard reference tool for assessing global mobility through the lens of passport strength, with 199 world passports included in its rankings.

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No wonder why so many foreign trash are coming here, getting our passport then spring boarding to another country.

What’s the point of having a powerful passport when the citizens are too poor to travel?

So, who are the ones that really benefit from such passport ranking? How many Singaporeans really benefit from it? 10%? 20%?

Hahaha888hahahaha, like it’s still a measure, much less, a consideration, … in this day and age of escalating and ever~rising costs, … when most can’t even afford day to day sustenance !!!

Such headlines and attention grabbing news flash, … must be a sickening reminder of what SillyPoreans, supposedly value, prioritise and deem of relevance, in their day to day existence !!!

Just like State Telco then make it Big and Start using it to Enslave its own citizens. What are you so Proud of?!?

Ownself Praise Ownself. So what does the MOST Powerful Passport means?!? Just accessibility to certain places and with Biz empire stretching outside SG. Obviously, you can access that Place. So what is the Hoo Har about?!? Even State Airlines oso No Perk for the Citizens (remember you use the State Resources/citizens resources park there to build this airport)and wanna Brag about “Powerful” passport.