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Elderly Malaysian man assaulted after traffic accident sparks online outrage

Shocking video reveals assault on elderly man post-traffic accident, igniting online outcry. Calls for empathy and non-violent conflict resolution emerge.



MALAYSIA: A video surfaced on X (formerly Twitter) on 11 January, capturing a disturbing altercation that unfolded after a traffic accident, leading to the assault of an elderly man.

The incident has triggered widespread online condemnation.

The footage depicts the elderly man and a passenger emerging from a red car with visible front-end damage.

A man in a light pastel pink shirt confronts the elderly driver, urging him to exit the vehicle.

The situation escalates when the individual in the light pastel pink shirt resorts to violence, punching and kicking the car’s window before physically assaulting the elderly man.

Meanwhile, another person approaches the passenger and slaps them.

Onlookers, including passing motorcyclists, halt to witness the unfolding altercation.

In the video’s caption, the X user expressed disbelief, questioning the current state of people’s behavior.

They voiced concern for the safety of their family members, particularly emphasizing the involvement of an elderly person and appealing to humanity in such situations.

Online users shared their outrage towards those resorting to violence in dealing with issues, especially when involving elderly individuals.

Some argued that verbal communication should be prioritized over physical aggression, particularly when addressing older people.

Contradictory comments emerged, suggesting that the elderly man might have been under the influence of alcohol, alleging that he collided with a school van and attempted to flee the scene but was stopped by locals.

Amidst the diverse reactions, a common sentiment emerged, with some netizens advising against physical assault regardless of guilt.

Instead, they emphasized the importance of contacting authorities to handle such situations through proper legal channels.

The New Straits Times from Malaysia stated that the local police station, when contacted, had received no reports about the incident.

The video has accumulated 1 million views by the time of writing.

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