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Viral video of Malaysian teen bullying schoolmate sparks national concern

A viral video depicts a teenage boy assaulting another in bushes, sparking outrage on social media. The victim’s parents filed a police report, leading to potential legal consequences for the aggressor under Section 324 of the penal code, facing up to 10 years of imprisonment and caning.



MALAYSIA: A video capturing the disturbing incident of a Malaysian teenage boy bullying and physically assaulting another teen has gained widespread attention on social media, sparking outrage among netizens.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of 5 January and was documented in a video recorded by one of the bully’s friends.

The footage shows the teen in the red shirt assaulting another boy surrounded by bushes.

Local news outlets have reported that the parents of the victim have filed a police report regarding the incident.

Authorities have issued a statement, revealing that the perpetrator may face severe consequences, including up to 10 years of imprisonment and caning, as the case falls under investigation under Section 324 of the penal code.

According to reports, the victim was assaulted because he refused to accompany the suspect, who wanted to skipped school.

The assault involved blows to the face and chest, inflicted using a motorcycle helmet.

At present, the police investigation into the matter is ongoing, with the authorities diligently pursuing the necessary actions.

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