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Singapore-registered Mercedes EV caught fire in Malaysia, raising alarms about escalating EV fires

Singapore-registered Mercedes EV ignites in Malaysia, sparking concerns over the rising incidents of electric vehicle fires.



MALAYSIA: On 8 January, a Singapore-registered Mercedes electric vehicle (EV) was engulfed in flames near Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia, as documented in a Facebook video.

The distressing footage captured the white Mercedes EV on fire, with a woman’s voice expressing a sense of helplessness.

The flames raged from the hood to the front seats, and the front doors were seen open.

Several individuals were observed carrying fire extinguishers, placing them on the ground as the camera panned to reveal the incident’s proximity to a Chinese temple.

The accompanying captions in the video highlighted the increasing frequency of EV fires.

It served as a reminder that even minor undercarriage damage warrants an immediate battery pack replacement.

On 31 December 2023, a Mercedes-Benz EQB350 ignited while charging at a DC fast charger in Johor.

The incident gained viral traction on social media, as reported by Malaymail.

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Does not look like a Mercedes EV but more like a heavily modified E or S Class given the lowered suspension.