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Malaysian’s restaurant employee caught dipping dirty dishes in trash bin sparks public outcry

Public alarm grows as a viral video exposes unsanitary practices in local eateries, raising concerns about hygiene oversight and regulations.



MALAYSIA: In a disturbing incident in Malaysia captured on a viral X (formerly Twitter) post, the questionable actions of a restaurant worker have come to light.

The footage, recorded by X user Elyas Yusri, reveals an appalling act of dipping dirty dishes into water sourced from a trash bin near Taman Botanik, Klang, Selangor.

The video also provides a close-up view of the murky water inside two trash bins.

The footage has triggered a wave of repulsion among netizens.

The video uploader also disclosed that he confronted the restaurant employee on the spot, demanding an explanation for such unhygienic practices.

According to him, the employee attempted to justify the unsanitary practice by claiming the trash bin was meant for soaking.

The employee’s nonchalant response has further fueled public anger.

As this incident unfolds, the public raises concerns about the oversight and regulation of hygiene standards in local eateries and urges prompt actions to be taken.

They also highlight that this is the reason why they have decided not to eat at “mamak” eateries for such a long time due to hygiene reasons.


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It’s happening in Sheegapore. Only Unknown is the depth and width of the same problem. Why. Well over 3/4 of each F and B set up in SG be it casual dining, fast food, fine dining, from server, to cashier to Ops manager, ARE FOREIGNERS. Let’s put a formula or equation to the employment situation, is it MONEY first for ALL of them to work in SG. Or they are damn damn morally upright, to help the Companies they worked in, to do better and assist SG? Next naturally follows, why is there an increasing instances of Food Hygiene offences… Read more »