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Intoxicated Singaporean man sentenced to jail after assaulting cab driver and police officer

Intoxicated Singaporean, Tang Meng Huat, was sentenced to 14 weeks’ jail for assaulting a cab driver and police officer after a taxi ride turned violent and ended at a police station.



SINGAPORE – A 60-year-old Singaporean man, Tang Meng Huat, was sentenced to 14 weeks’ imprisonment on Monday (8 Jan).

Tang pleaded guilty to charges of voluntarily causing hurt and assaulting a police officer, with a third charge considered in sentencing.

The incident took place on 1 June last year when Tang, in an intoxicated state, boarded a Trans-cab taxi with a friend at the Kovan MRT taxi stand around 11 pm.

The two passengers informed the 72-year-old cab driver of their dual destinations – the first being a Caltex petrol station in Mountbatten for Tang’s friend.

After dropping off Tang’s friend, confusion arose when Tang provided multiple locations as his destination, including Serangoon North Avenue 3 and Bedok North Avenue 1, and changed the block number from 215 to 512.

Failing to comprehend the instructions, the taxi driver informed Tang of his inability to understand, prompting Tang to express his desire to alight.

However, instead of exiting the vehicle, Tang proceeded to assault the elderly cab driver by grabbing his neck, only releasing him when the driver agreed to take him home.

Contrary to expectations, the cabby drove to the Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) instead.

The situation escalated when Tang, undeterred by his location, slapped a 23-year-old police officer four times when informed that there were no toilets at the NPC.

The officer had approached the taxi after the cabby, honking incessantly, reported the assault.

Tang, reeking of alcohol, insisted on going home, but the officer rightfully informed him that he couldn’t leave the scene.

Tang, uncooperative, grabbed the officer’s hand, leading to a call for backup. Despite warnings, Tang persisted, even claiming the taxi driver was lying and repeatedly asking to use the toilet.

This culminated in four slaps to the officer’s left cheek before backup arrived, and Tang was arrested.

Both victims sought medical attention, with the taxi driver suffering a mild bruise on his neck, while the police officer was diagnosed with assault complications and a bruise on his face.

Tang will commence his jail term on 14 February.

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Only 14 weeks for this?
I guess being drunk and doing any crime is the best excuse and I guess the judge who pass the sentence on this 60 yr old fxxker was also drunk on the job!😆😆😆😆

Sentence to Jail doesn’t mean they cannot be REUSE. Especially when the White Politicians Refuse to Show their Name and Picture for Identification or for Record!