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Indonesian police foil attempted dog slaughter and consumption in Central Java

Semarang City Police thwarted an illegal dog trafficking operation, arresting five suspects, including a repeat offender ordering dogs for consumption.



INDONESIA – In a major operation, Semarang City Police have successfully intercepted the attempted shipment of hundreds of dogs destined for various regions in Solo Raya, Central Java. The authorities have arrested five suspects in connection with this illegal dog trafficking case.

Commissioner Irwan Anwar of the Semarang City Police revealed that one individual, identified as DH from Gemolong, Sragen, has been consistently ordering hundreds of dogs to consume them. This revelation sheds light on the disturbing practice of ordering dogs for consumption purposes. DH, a repeat offender in this regard, has raised concerns about the prevalence of such activities in the region.

The other four suspects are crew members of the truck responsible for transporting the dogs. According to Irwan, the dogs, numbering in the hundreds, were brought in from Subang, West Java.

Unfortunately, out of the 226 dogs transported, 12 were found dead. Samples from the deceased animals have been sent to Airlangga University, Surabaya, East Java, for further examination.

The surviving dogs have been placed in a shelter in Semarang, as depicted in a video uploaded by Animals Hope Shelter Indonesia. The footage shows the dogs in a clean and spacious environment, with ample food supplies provided for their well-being.

This intervention not only prevented the dogs from falling into the wrong hands but also ensured their safety and care.

The suspects will face legal consequences under the Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Law of 2014. This law aims to protect animals and holds individuals accountable for actions that endanger their welfare.

The police’s intervention originated from a report filed by animal rights activists from Animals Hope Shelter Indonesia. The activists halted the truck transporting 226 dogs of various breeds, raising alarms about the illegal trade and potential harm to these animals.

The police initially seized the truck carrying the dogs at Kalikangkung Toll, Semarang, on Saturday (6 Jan) night. The truck was suspected of lacking official documentation for the transportation of the animals, prompting further investigation and eventual arrests.

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