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Deliveroo: survey reveals food delivery platform’s integral role in Singaporeans’ daily life

A Censuswide survey, commissioned by Deliveroo, reveals a transformative shift in Singaporeans’ reliance on food delivery platforms. Customers are now turning to these platforms for varied needs beyond meal deliveries, including gifts, groceries, and charitable contributions. With 68% embracing daily usage and 80% anticipating an increase, the sector’s role in daily life is expanding.



SINGAPORE – According to a Censuswide survey of 1,000 Singaporeans commissioned by Deliveroo in November 2023, the use of food delivery platforms has evolved into an integral aspect of daily life for a significant portion of the Singaporean population.

While the demand for food delivery services continues to surge post-pandemic, the survey highlights a growing trend of consumers utilizing these platforms for more than just meal deliveries.

The inclusion of additional products on these platforms, such as non-food items, gifts, and groceries, has opened up non-conventional uses.

Customers are increasingly turning to food delivery services for a variety of needs, including gifting and contributing to charitable causes through in-app donations.

Moreover, the survey indicates a rising preference for rider tipping, emphasizing the sector’s expanding role in enhancing various aspects of consumers’ lives beyond providing everyday ready-to-eat meals.

Survey reveals surging dependence on food delivery: 68% embrace daily usage, 80% expect increase in next 12 months

A substantial 68% of respondents use food delivery as a part of their daily life, with an impressive 80% expecting to increase their usage in the next 12 months.

The survey also indicates that 87% of respondents agree with the statement that they “make more of their spare time thanks to delivery platforms.”

The main reasons cited for using food delivery services include time constraints for meal preparation (58%) and a desire to avoid cooking (58%).

Additionally, 62% of consumers anticipate spending more on food delivery in the next year, with average monthly spending increasing to $118. Those aged between 46-55 spend the most, averaging $169 per month.

Customers express a willingness to spend more on certain types of dishes, with 38% willing to pay extra for healthier food and 35% for customizable food orders.

The survey also reflects the rising popularity of self-pick-up services, with over half of respondents (55%) planning to increase their usage in the next 12 months.

More than half of those surveyed (54%) indicated that they consider using self-pick-up services on food delivery apps when they are already heading out and will be near the location of their order.

Additionally, nearly half (49%) mentioned opting for these services when they wish to avoid queuing or waiting at the restaurant, aiming to optimize their time.

Diversifying delivery: beyond meals, growing demand for groceries, gifts, and more on food delivery apps

Beyond ready-to-eat meals, there is a notable rise in demand for other offerings on food delivery apps, ushering in a new era of utility for these services.

Grocery delivery services are gaining traction, with 49% preferring to get groceries delivered over going to the supermarket. Nearly half (47%) attribute their consideration of grocery delivery services to save time.

The average monthly spending on groceries via food delivery services is $111, with half of respondents intending to increase their spending in the next 12 months.

Moreover, buying gifts has become more convenient thanks to on-demand delivery choices for items like flowers, hampers, and balloons.

A majority of participants (55%) favor having gifts delivered through on-demand services, with convenience being a significant consideration, particularly when they lack the time to make these purchases (47%) or when urgency is a factor (43%).

Non-food items, including supplies and gifts, are gradually gaining popularity on these platforms, with 53% of respondents expressing a preference for getting non-food supplies via food delivery apps.

“Dishing out goodness” through delivery platforms

A standout finding from the survey is the strong support for in-app features that allow customers to make contributions to charity (88%).

Deliveroo’s continuous introduction of new ways for customers to give back is reflected in initiatives such as donation drives and community engagement activities.

Furthermore, 89% of respondents express support for platforms’ in-app features that allow customers to tip riders.

Deliveroo’s internal data indicates a 10% increase in orders with rider tips in 2023 compared to 2022.

“The latest survey results reinforce how the role of food delivery services in Singaporeans’ day-to-day lives have further evolved in today’s landscape,” Jason Parke, the General Manager of Deliveroo Singapore said.

He emphasizes Deliveroo’s commitment to bringing convenience and value to consumers by expanding services beyond ready-to-eat meals.

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