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Malaysian man praised for rescuing woman swept away in overflowing drain

A courageous Malaysian man earned praise online for his swift leap into a flooded drain, rescuing a woman whose car had skidded into the water.

Remarkably, he chose not to file a police report, departing after ensuring the woman safety.



MALAYSIA: Netizens praised a courageous Malaysian man for his valiant act of jumping into a floodwater-filled drain to rescue a woman whose car had skidded into the water.

The man’s brave leap was captured on video and quickly gained popularity across various social media platforms after it was shared on Sunday (7 Jan).

As reported by the New Straits Times, the driver lost control of her vehicle, resulting in it skidding into a monsoon drain at KM42.5 of the Johor Bahru–Kota Tinggi Highway.

She was travelling with a 43-year-old female passenger and they were both rescued by passersby.

The passerby noticed two women being swept away by the strong current, with one managing to save herself while the other clung to the rear of the car.

Without hesitation, the man leapt from the guardrail and successfully rescued the woman holding onto the rear of the car.

According to Kota Tinggi police chief Superintendent Hussin Zamora, the driver emerged unharmed, while the passenger sustained minor injuries and was promptly taken to Kota Tinggi Hospital.

Remarkably, the rescuer chose not to file a police report and swiftly left the scene after ensuring the woman’s safety.

It was later disclosed that the courageous individual who leapt into the drain for the rescue was identified as Choo Ngiam Choong, a 50-year-old man.

In an interview, he expressed, “Without a second thought, I jumped in to rescue the woman when I saw her being swept away by the strong current.”

Describing the split-second decision he made, Choo recounted the moment of action.

Recounting the incident, he narrated that around 8 am, while he was en route from Kota Tinggi to Mawai for breakfast, he noticed his friend stopping his car ahead of him, prompting him to halt as well.

His shock heightened when he witnessed a car being swept into the drain, carrying two women away in the forceful current.

“One woman managed to save herself, but the other was in danger of being carried away… understanding the imminent risk of drowning, I immediately leapt in to reach the woman, and several other friends and passersby at the scene joined in to assist,” he elaborated.

Expressing gratitude and happiness, he said, “I am thankful that I managed to rescue the woman within about five seconds, averting any potential tragedy.”

Choo mentioned that he feels fortunate not to have sustained any injuries while aiding the victim.

“I am good at swimming and have navigated hilly and challenging areas before.

“I’m thankful I have the stamina to assist the victim.”

He emphasized, “Money can always be earned, but a life lost cannot be replaced.”


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